People who put the chips?

For some time people began to discover some miniature priborchiki that can implanted in a variety of places on the body: in the mucous membranes, under the skin of the head, on the knuckles or toes — in any part of the human body. They usually do not cause obvious discomfort, found by chance, for example, while X-rays, but learned to light, always baffled researchers. Because it is a mini-transmitters or something similar.

Not an isolated case, and already the mass implanting some people tracking devices six years ago told the American public practitioner Madi Nolan. She treated patients on Whidbey Island (Washington, USA), when came across a group of adult men and women who — absolutely everyone! — Was the same kind of subcutaneous implant on the inside of the thigh, just above the knee. They took the form of small cylinders and were so close to the skin surface, that at this point the skin is slightly inflamed and reddened. When the doctor rubbed a place gizmo under the skin began to decrease in size and disappear. Yet these implants still remain under the skin of each of the surveyed its people. "I realized — wrote Madi — that comes from the implant (or it is served) a tracking signal or something like that."

According to its surveys, each of these people remembered the same. Indoors, the man suddenly heard a loud noise, something like thunder (some claimed to have seen the light), and the next thing people realize — disappeared somewhere around two hours time! These factors suggest that in this case is not without pilot intervention or technological techniques UFOs. Sin on earth antics intelligence is much less reason, first, because inexplicability purpose of such control, and secondly, the structure of the studied implants is not the level of terrestrial technology.

The fact that UFO really exist implants surgically removed from human bodies and already analyzed by laser emission spectroscopy, ufologists know. This, in particular, are engaged Darrel Sims, surgeon Roger K. Leir and others. D. Sims has created a new organization in the United States: Interactive Research Foundation Space Technology (FIRST) to develop rules for such operations, micro-analysis of implant materials and proper logging of results. It conducted dozens of operations and identified the elemental composition mikroapparatov implemented.

Chemical analysis of the mysterious product is amazing. This whole factory elements in the square 4×5 mm max! .. And even less, a lot less! Part of one of the implants was cited in the scientific work of Dr. RG Leiria: Al, Ca, Fe, Ba, Cu, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, Pb, Zn, Si, Ti …

Agree, it is very similar to the composition of our chips, which are used in computer technology! Maybe, they have similar features? Track the location of people to control their physical condition, carry out the necessary communications … Or, it is possible to influence the thinking, action-test, say, in a hour "X"? .. After practice, we track some specimens of animals, birds, dolphins? That's only purpose of such control over people until quite clear.

"I've seen everything! .."
To say that the problem is far-fetched or that only foreigners are implanted, I would not. I twice had to deal with the implants have compatriots. In one case, the implant in the form of a thin wire with a notch at the tip was removed from the scalp Volzhanin NF Pakhomov, but has been lost, falling to a fluffy carpet, and the other chip does not survive a resident of Kotovo AP Vasilyeva, pulling together with purulent formations.

That's why, when I received a letter from a resident of one of the villages in the Rostov region Alexander N., who claimed that he put the implant, and he remembers the circumstances of the operation, he immediately planned a trip to the village. Alexander G. hoped to find a surgeon who took out a foreign body, and I was interested in how the implant is sure to fall into the hands of ufologists for possible research. After all, this is better than any real evidence of UFO stories may indicate extraterrestrial activity on Earth.

We soon met. Alexandria 4 Georgievich slightly over forty years, is located pretty looks, good by the standards of the village equip-home, family, two children, subsistence farming with a diverse wildlife, working in a small local firm. We were immediately hit it off. Here's what he said …

— I went on duty on the night of Friday to Saturday. It was a quiet evening, came a heavy snow … At about ten o'clock at night, I suddenly felt dizzy and decided to lie down on the couch in our office. Was in the room alone. Do not have time to lie down, even legs hang over when he saw that the ceiling was put forward beam. It was a beam of light with a diameter of about 10 centimeters, but unusual: he slowly lowered from the ceiling right on my chest. I tried to get up, but I was crushed like — could not stand up or move his hands …

Alexander began to examine the beam, since nothing was left to him. Remember such a detail: the beam was framed brighter dotted lines approximately inches long. How many lay just can not say, but at some point he saw that something was inside the beam to move, "a priborchik." He was small in diameter, but not all, and with jagged edges, translucent, greyish, thin, made as if made of plastic. When the thing was right before his eyes, unable to examine inside the veins, as if stretched filament. Along the edges of said tiny lights, to 2 millimeters long, which created a path. Once the beam is absorbed in the body, in the very next moment he was gone.

— Light entered me here, in the sternum, — said Alexander to the place. — When was gone, I just felt free, jumped to his feet and ran for the door. Expect to see a UFO or something sort of on the roof, but not into the darkness, did not notice. The snow continued to fell the thick wall. Then I only fear. Not clear — that was the main … Incidentally, I have previously worked as a receiver — he stopped and turned on only after the disappearance of the beam.

Alexander long thought about that had happened, but the explanation may be, and he decided to forget everything, anyone know about the incident did not say. "What disturbed vain …" No effects on health did not either — and all right, I forgot.

— In 2002, also in the winter, I started having these attacks, we had to call an ambulance, — Alexander continued his story. — At about four in the morning was something strange happen. A pop me on the bed, arches differently. Well, like epilepsy. Some bits like needles, hit in the legs, arms, I jerked them, bend … Doctors injected sedatives six shots — and though that! And at six in the morning, how to cut — all stopped, and I fell asleep.

The next morning the villagers went to the concerned hospital. He checked everything possible to local conditions, even on bonds and sent. Health was normal. But Alexander G. began to suspect it is not associated with the overnight accident. Doctors, however, said nothing, but asked to check the body near the sternum. What the doctor said, Alexander was concerned: "There is a spot, it looks like you have a stomach ulcer. Descend, swallowed up …"

— I did not go about the stomach, it is normal for me. And the stomach, then below is. But realized that the thing I still see … And here is how to extract it? .. Turned to Moscow ufologists. On the advice of Vladimir G. Azhazha, which was able to contact, went to Rostov-on-Don to Victor Rogozhkin, head of the organization "ENIO" they're human organs can see how, under x-ray.

— Oh, and? ..

— First, it is necessary to pay for the sessions but still not come again … Well, as I bumping out of the village? Second, they are not a surgeon, and I need a surgeon, because this thing should be removed.

— It causes some discomfort? What do you feel?

— Much discomfort there, but about once a month I get a pain in the chest, pushing something, some kind of heaviness in the stomach, — began to remember the symptoms of Alexander.

— Presses the morning so that it is difficult to get out of bed … After a few days it all goes.

— Maybe there autosuggestion work?

— Well, not with the same regularity … Once a month, like clockwork … By the way, has recently been tested to fluorography in renttenkabinete — no reservations.

My research experience suggests that such a casual interest in the strangers to earth people do not happen, and I tried to ask Alexander Ivanovich comprehensively about his life. And it turned out that when he was in first grade, this is the year 1968, the first, he dreamed strange dreams, and he woke up to wild screams. "I remember the fear that seized me …"

Turns out he lived here, on the same street in the house opposite, where he now lives his mother. In the dream, he was somewhere fails, then opened his eyes and found that is in a dark place. "And there are some strange devices as plates. A huge flies and fly out of it for many, many. They begin to circle around me. And then I started to cry terribly. My cowardice of fear, trembling beat. Mama resorted, comforted, and I could hardly sleep. But the more I do not remember. "

Gradually dreams are gone, but the fact that Alexander saw the "saucer", when these are nothing anywhere wrote -1967-1968 years.! — Evoked certain thoughts. It could be that the tracking Alexander was already established in childhood. For what purpose? It remains a mystery.

No more information on his new friend I got so and left.

But history does not fall out of focus, advice on the strange implant continued. Helped me to understand something familiar healer Valery Moskalev.

Astral implant.
Discussing the incident with the villagers, Valery B. drew my attention to the unusual configuration of implants, if it was in fact it is: not tiny size and no matter how material substance mini device.

— No surgery will not help! — Surely he said. — This thing is the astral origins, that is fine-material basis, which is not a scalpel skovyrnesh, its only extrasensory — astral vision or "third eye" can be seen.

— But the U.S. because something shows …

— Right! Ultrasound reveals heterogeneity in the body …

Valery said that in his practice, though rare, there were moments when he felt the debris, which were not recorded on the material level. He believes that there are some intelligent extraterrestrial structures that are embedded in the body of people chip implants subtle content. But for what?

— Most likely, such a chip is some functional program, which may have different meanings,-reasoned Moskalev. — There can be and navigation functions, ie notch locate people at any one time, but most likely, it's a power unit that is able to shoot a variety of information from the person. However, I do not rule out that the chip-implant can be shaped series of events rights, the success or failure of his daily activities, can appear any hit. Good to trace the fate of the villagers over the years …

— Whether he wants to keep all the nuances of his life? — I hesitated. — Even now, he is weary of the role of guinea pig, thinks that something is not free, that it is "under the hood" of certain forces. Once a month, it feels very uncomfortable … And here is how to help, how to remove the implant, even if he astral? .. Not for the same set of its people to easily remove …

— Worse, if the program-the implant aimed at disarming human energies, what they need, — thought Moskalev. — For example, sexual, mental or energy of fear. Many alcoholics or drug addicts are connected to the portals through which the downloading does not just their mental energy, but the energy of the people around him who are suffering from an alcoholic or a drug addict. Poor themselves can not do anything about it: programmed to drink or drugs to recharge his invisible hosts.

Valery Moskalev argued that in recent years the company focused on implementing the program arousal centers of pleasure … Flooding the media production and hedonistic sexual orientation, when consumers, especially young people, is driven by one thought: "Get out of life!" — A consequence of the programs for the mass removal of astral energy. But for whom all this is done? The question, of course, interesting …

It seems that there are worlds in the universe, parasitic on other people's energies. This was guessed before, but now more and more appear and knowledge, and confidence that the biblical "publicans" — these are the most parasitic worlds that "graze" on the inhabitants of Earth's civilization. Probably, and crime, and endless wars in the world — it is also a kind of a huge mass production of the energy of fear, which is beautifully nourished parasitic worlds. They, like the air, need constant injections of energies that they download from the people, overcome with fear. Get rid of these "publicans" very difficult, because we NTO know almost nothing about the nature and the laws of the worlds that are in our life energies. And, judging by the state and to the problem of "big" science, do not want to know. Is one — to continue to feed the community alien to us, losing his own life force. Maybe "hell worlds" — this is the very biblical "tax collectors"?

— But where does the implant villagers?

— Maybe they do with it, — Valery agreed — but he put a reason and, of course, carries some of his, is not clear to us function. Get rid of it, perhaps you can eniodogicheskimi methods, as it offered Victor burlap-kin, but most likely, it will be possible, if Alexander would raise their spiritual level, to turn to religion, will work to raise your vibration. That is to cultivate kindness, and pure thoughts in my life. That's when a similar embedded structure will fall off from the man, unable to withstand high vibrations.

— That is the path to salvation — in the man?

— That's it. So it was always there …

In conclusion I would say that the astral implants — the real thing, but we know too little about their nature and functions in order to compete successfully against them at this stage. However, this will have to do if we want to stay forever in bondage from parasitic worlds of the universe.

G.Belimov "Interesting newspaper. Incredible" № 15

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