Phantom of the Stanley Hotel


These photos were taken in the Stanley Hotel famous American paranormal researcher Lon Strickler in his "ghost" tour of the hotel and the haunted.

"I went to the second floor of his room number 217, made in the stairwell of a few pictures and went back to the room. Just remember that besides me there was no one there. Just two days later, I decided to view the pictures and what I saw surprised and even scared me. " -Lon says.

Group photo with the creature. Further enlarged pictures.


"I contacted several professional photographers, so they looked at the photo and say that they are genuine without treatment. At worst, one would say that it could be. None of them gave me a clear answer, and one general said he sees photo on a child. "

"Our psychic checked the photos in different spectra, and said that being is like a gargoyle."



Speaking at the Stanley strange things often happen and make weird pictures.
Stanley Hotel is a large hotel with 128 rooms, located in the Park Rocky Mountain National Park (Colorado). The hotel was built in 1909 by millionaire Frilanom O.Stenli and is listed in reeestr historical monuments. And since it is constantly something going on. People have seen the ghost Friedland is in his favorite room, the billiard room.
Suffice it to say that the famous master of horror Stephen King after staying at this hotel wrote his famous book "The Shining."


One of the photos from the Stanley Hotel with a strange "smoke."

Friedland O. Stanley, whose ghost is often observed in the lifetime of his favorite places.


Also known ghost wife Friedland. which too often there watching. There are multiple information when visitors have seen strange children playing in the living room, while guests of such was not and about the voices heard in empty rooms. One resident claimed. I saw a ghost in my room as a man in a cowboy hat, which immediately disappeared into the air. Another incident happened when a friend of the bride (the hotel and arranged the wedding) jokingly wrote in her room on the mirror of the word "REDRUM" in lipstick, and when it came out and walked down the stairs, her someone shoved and she fell.

One near naturally was not ….


The hotel itself is Stanley outside and inside.


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