Pin from the grave


The Englishman Ricky Wille — interesting people. He's always something unusual happens, and if you're lucky, he will certainly tell you some amazing history. For example, about how he learned about his former life … Ricky did not believe in reincarnation and, of course, was not going to learn anything about his past life — just "stumbled" on it by accident. And it was so.

An unusual experiment

Some time ago, Mr. Wille met with a specialist in the field of hypnosis, and he was curious: what is it — hypnosis. That would have to experience it for yourself! Thanks to the skepticism that Ricky did not expect that would come of it something worthwhile. And, of course, he had no idea how hypnosis can act on it. In addition, he felt some mistrust of the hypnotist because he was a man of stunted, while Ricky growth — nearly two meters. If unset, Ricky suddenly began to fall back as it is (Ricky saw this on TV), it is unlikely that shorty-hypnotist would be able to catch him and keep that weight. About the fact that the hypnotist will try to get him to remember past lives, and Ricky thought, but something made him doubt — whether to expose themselves to such a test? But despite all the fears Ricky still agreed to the experiment.

An absurd death

Regressive hypnosis session, Mr. Wille did not remember. Therefore, the fact that the hypnotist has told how he behaved during the session and said that, it is very surprising. It turned out, Will fully remembered his previous life! Or maybe not your own? Whatever it was, Ricky told in detail about the life of the man he felt himself under hypnosis. This man lived in the English town of Tring. His name was Edward Collins. He was 34 years old when he died. He had a wife and two daughters. By occupation, Edward was a printer. Not that his life was cloudless, or even safe. He was neither rich nor poor — so middling at that time. And characteristically, the poor man ever ashamed of his dirty fingers! While working as a printer, he could not wash away the grime from hands in them, an ink and all his life and did what he was trying to hide his black fingers from all the others.

And Ricky said under hypnosis, he died. Going to cross the road, and then, out of nowhere, a horse-drawn cart in the coal. And it moved the cart. He died immediately on the spot. It happened in 1892.

During the funeral,

When Ricky found out that all of these details about his (or is it someone else?) Life he told himself — during a session of regressive hypnosis, I was extremely surprised and amazed, shocked! Interestingly, he remembered himself a king or not there some Egyptian pharaoh, not a celebrity, as is often the case, a simple typographical workers!
One part of this incredible hypnotic session was that Ricky told her about the day (ie Edward) funeral. When Edward Collins was buried, his wife wanted to put in a coffin before it will close one of its most beautiful pins. The woman, however, was so heartbroken that the right moment had forgotten to do it. And when the coffin was closed already, it was overcome with horror: how could she have forgotten it? Woman is so grieved that someone advised her to throw a pin directly to the grave.

Rather than fall into the coffin of this ill-fated pin before it reached him, got caught on a ledge in the wall of the tomb. There she remained, about thirty centimeters above the lid of the coffin. Grave was filled, and apparently there pin and lay all these years …

A trip to Tring

…As time went on. Ricky and his current wife, seemed to have forgotten about the episode with hypnosis. Forgotten that story about the life of any printer. And not remembered as long as there have not gone on vacation. It so happened that this holiday they spent near the town of Tring — the same one where supposedly lived and died a man named Edward Collins. And here Ricky was tempted — visit Tring. He could not resist the temptation and persuaded his wife to go there, despite the fact that we had to make a wide detour.

Tring Ricky did not seem familiar city. He had to ask the locals and, in the end, he found that the old cemetery is located almost next to the hotel where they were staying, — a stone's throw away. And if so, Mr. and Mrs. Wille were so close, why not look for something on the old cemetery? Why not see if there was not accidentally buried the same Edward Collins at about the time that Ricky called during a session of regressive hypnosis?

William and his wife went to the cemetery and began to wander there, looking around and looking at the old half-worn tombstones with inscriptions on them. Finally, they came upon what they needed. Here it is, right before their eyes — the stone of Edward Collins, who died at age 34 in 1892!

Incredible Find

To say that the couple Wille were stunned — it means nothing to say. Ricky stood looking at … For what? In whose tomb he looked? On someone else's? Or it was the burial place of his own, the former, the body? Feelings he experienced at this, do not like no others he experienced ever before. Ricky did not know whether to laugh or cry. But what he really did hit his wife: knelt down and began … digging. He tore the burial ground hands! His wife began to urge him not to do that.
— Ricky! — Choking, she cried. — For God's sake, what, pray tell, are you doing? Stop right there!

However, all entreaties were in vain. Doomed wife leaned close, and Ricky, just hung up, he continued to dig furiously.

— If all this is true, then the pin will be here, and I will find her! — He kept saying. — The worst thing that I would do — take out the bit of land, right then I scooped it back. I'm not going to dig deep …

Mr. Wille breaking ground for a quarter of a meter in depth, when he found her, the very same pin! She was just lying in the ground — right where he had predicted during a session of regressive hypnosis. The couple stood there for a while, looking at each other and the old pin in the hand of Ricky …
Much becomes clear …

Now Ricky is holding that pin in a box on the dresser of her bedroom. His wife does not wear a decoration, believes that it would be a sacrilege. The couple just keep this relic, the meaning of which is comprehensible only to the two of them.

Adventure experiences Ricky, was an event that changed him and his life. It forced a man to think of those strange feelings, what he experienced then, the old cemetery. Because that's where he "remembered" those views and those smells that never knew could not have known before. Does this mean that he's just been to those places before, in another life?

Ricky understands now why he always had a compulsive need to wash their hands often. He always seems as if his hands are not clean, even if he had just washed them. Without a doubt, this is it since those early days when he worked as a printer and went with dirty fingers, which are ingrained in the paint.

Ricky overly cautious at pedestrian crossings. Moreover, he at different times and in different places saved the lives of more than one person, literally "pulling out" from under the wheels of passing vehicles. All this now makes sense for Ricky — he began to understand why behave as they do.

Irina Baptist
Secrets of the twentieth century number 24 of 2009.


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