Places of power and karmic geography

Each person is born in a particular country, a particular city and specific location. This place is considered to be his home, to which a person is fixed for ever, and this connection is unbreakable, even if you happen to move to another residence. Based on place of birth horoscope (natal chart), which determines not only the nature of man, but also many of the circumstances of his life. However, each person has more and karmic place of birth, which saves the soul special mystical connection.

Karmic birthplace

In its last incarnation on earth the soul of any man also had a connection to a specific place of birth. This place was the home of the soul. Where a person was born and lived there a specific event occurs his past life. This karmic memory, in many cases, is not erased when the next incarnation, and the person can pull in certain places on earth, in other countries and cities. This attraction is on a subconscious level. Even the people can not understand why he likes this or that country, and why you want to go is to the city.

Place of birth of the soul in his last incarnation can be determined by the karmic astrology. People with the gift of clairvoyance and psychic abilities, can see or feel these places. But many ordinary people themselves are able to identify where, in what part of the world stretches connecting karmic thread.

Incidentally, apart from the place of birth of the soul in previous incarnations there are still places where she lived (in case there were transfers). These sites will also remain a special karmic connection. Sometimes it is even stronger than the last connection to the place of birth.

Many people, guided by the subconscious desire, move it to places that "remember" their soul. And there it is very comfortable, emotionally and spiritually. If a person does not dare to move, go to the place of the last incarnation of the soul at least once in their life does not hurt (unless, of course, you know it). Since that is where wakes karmic memory, inspiration comes and people can better understand their karmic destiny. For him it is a place of power, above all spiritual.

The strength of the three beams

The above-described power spots are only for certain people. That is, each person has their place of power (or more seats). But there are other places of power in the world, which are suitable for all people without exception. These seats are located in different parts of the globe. One may recall, for example, the famous Tibet, Mount Shasta in California, Table Mountain in Africa, a place Carnac in France, Glastonbury in England, the Pyramids of Giza, the mountain Arunachala in India. And that's not all. These places of power are many. All of them have unusually strong energy and a special magnetism that attracts people from all corners of the earth, pilgrims and tourists.

Let's imagine our earth and a powerful core inside, active, mobile, filled with enormous energy. This energy is concentrated in the nucleus, in certain parts of the world breaks out, like a fountain or energy beam. These points (or territory) where the crust out of the energy beams, and there are places of power. In these places there is a kind of relationship of the Earth and the cosmos, as the rays of the earth rise up high, reaching outer space

The beams supporting the energy, in some places may be solid, thick, strong, and in others — scattered, weak. The places where the rays come first kind are usually characterized by its strength, but they occupy a smaller area than the rays of the second kind. Scattered rays can spread to the whole city and region.

Energy rays emanating from the Earth's core, also differ in their color. Or rather, have three types of shades.

Some rays — is white, shiny, striking his extraordinary light. These rays are in a spiritual energy that enables a person to find inner spiritual harmony and achieve a state of nirvana. People born and living in such places often become spiritual teachers and religious followers. These places give one enlightenment and help find yourself. White rays awaken the desire for spiritual development and the ability to work with the subtle energies. Energy white rays close to the energy of Saturn, the cool, soothing, harmonizing.

One of the world's famous places, where the spiritual rays — Tibet. Mountains of Tibet — the sacred places of power, and Mount Kailash, in form like a pyramid is the center of the world, the axis of the Earth. Sacred mountain Arunachala in India — it is also a place of white light output. It is considered a pillar of light, from which Lord Shiva appeared. It should be noted as Jerusalem — the center of three religions (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).

Other rays have a yellow tint. In places they are extra heavy golden. This is an intense vitality, in which people can improve their health and gain strength. They energize, give activity, encouraging the exploits. In places where the yellow rays are people very lively, optimistic, happy life and certainly centenarians. Naturally, these "real" place for anyone prolong life and give good health. They usually are rich in vegetation and attract animals. Yellow rays provide energy not only man, but also plants and animals. One of these places — Shardonsky archipelago in Karelia, a place of great beauty. Energy is similar to the yellow rays of the sun energy, hot, active.

The third type of rays — the rays mental. They have a blue color with a greenish tinge. In places where the people of these rays can significantly improve their intellectual level, as improves brain function, memory and ability to concentrate thoughts. People born and living in such places often become scientists and thinkers. In any case, people are intellectually gifted. Energy blue light is similar to the energy of Mercury, clear, crystallized. One of the places out of this energy — Mount Shasta in California, which is a powerful information portal.

See energy rays coming to Earth, can not everyone. This requires special ultrasensitive vision to capture the density and shades of different energies. In this view has psychics, clairvoyants and people who have attained a high spiritual level. An ordinary person can not see the energy coming out, but he can feel it. Being in a place of power, many people feel it, because there are certain clear sense at the physical and astral bodies. In place of power, usually changing emotional and physical well-being.

Actually not so important to see the energy beams. Much more important is to know about their whereabouts and often happens in these places. Places of power give the person a lot, which is the usual "dead" Earth, where no energy rays, can not be obtained.

Lubov Baydalina

Abnormal News № 12 (588) 2012

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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