Podvorya 10 homes flooded in Yakutia from the flood Chara

Chara floods in Yakutia, caused heavy rains led to flooding farmsteads ten private homes, according to the Far Eastern Regional Center of Emergency Ministry.

On Wednesday, the manager of EDDS Olyokminsky district reported that the observed rise in water level in the river near the village of Char Tocco up to 815 centimeters. The critical level is 903 centimeters. In this regard, the administration Tocco deployed operational headquarters under the leadership of the deputy head of the village, organized at all times.

"On Thursday morning, the water level in the river in the village of Char Tocco was 911 centimeters, for a day, it rose by 57 centimeters. As a result of the passage of the flood embankment on the street was flooded ten yards of private homes, where 35 people, including 14 children, "- said in a statement.

According to the MOE, the residents of these houses moved temporarily to relatives and friends. In this case, flooding homes and institutions has been slow.

"According to the forecast of the Yakut UGMS, within days possible further increase in the water level in the village of Tocco with achievement marks 920 centimeters. Downstream Chara settlements located within the range of possible flooding there," — the report says.

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