Poltergeist-like hooliganism


Eleanor BONDAREVA, especially for the "B"

The coffin, he likes to work, used to say in the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov's coffin-maker Bezenchuk. As if he knew about the "stray" coffins on the island of Barbados. Well, they asked researchers to work! And not in a production sense.

Once the visiting tourists took pictures in front of the crypt with a criminal reputation. Instead of standing in front of the lens person in the photo turned out a skeleton covered with torn skin with a grin. Not for nothing is the most advanced of them introduced himself as a psychic, refused to be photographed at the entrance to the tomb under the pretext of a certain sense of danger emanating from there.

It all started with the fact that in 1807 the crypt planters Chase Ellotov brought the dead woman — Thomasina Goddard. The family tomb construction was very original and very thorough: the walls of the brick and coral blocks, eight steps down under the ground, under the arched ceiling of six feet, the entrance is closed blue marble slab … A year later, there was added a miniature coffin two years Mary Anna Maria Chase. Then, in the crypt took her older sister, Dorcas, who is rumored to have committed suicide because of harassment of his father, who left a memory of himself as "the most vile person in Barbados."

In 1812, in the crypt of the villain made Domowina — Pere Thomas Chase and shuddered inside reigned rout. Coffins lay gutted and inverted. Tricks of black cemetery workers? But, first, the multi-ton marble slab still backs input. And secondly, the natives are afraid of ghosts.

Heavy lead coffins they transported to the field. All thoroughly shut down and backed — for centuries. But six months later there was a misfortune in the family — died on 11-month-old Samuel Brewster Ames. Dungeon rediscover — and again saw it as a mess. Just the day before there was a mutiny tutoshnih slaves. Do not share it to spite the hated slave owners? But the blue plate on the spot …

Six weeks later, his father died of a noble baby Samuel — and again the terrible picture in the crypt: metal coffins with fury poured out. But a lead coffin, and five of them did not budge from the spot.

Inexplicable phenomena closely engaged the colonial authorities. Flood? Earthquake? No trace. The workers have no doubt that witchcraft.

In 1819, the vault was opened again to bury Mrs. Clark — is at the confluence of the interested public and in the presence of the governor of the island of Sir Kombermera — brave and atheist, a member of the Napoleonic wars. He first saw the collapse of the grave and ordered to immediately sprinkle with half the sand in the hope of finding in it traces of fans of dark jokes, and a marble slab with a layer of cement.

April 18, 1820, without waiting for someone to death of the owners of the crypt, the governor ordered to open the vault — and his eyes appeared all the same picture. To prevent unhealthy rumors, the authorities dispose of bricking up the crypt.

But the genie is already out of the bottle — and hypotheses, explanations fell one after the other. The machinations of voodoo priests — again. Masonic plot to confirm the postulate of our rebirth after death — two, with the head of the conspiracy is not just anybody, and the governor of the island and even coupled with the leadership of the church. Third, have done a tremendous noise mushrooms raincoats much explode with furious energy. On the mysterious claps in the depths of the crypt allegedly drew attention to one of the forefathers of the current Chase, tells the story of what survived from 1820 paper. The fourth reason — aliens studying the reaction of the world's population on the paranormal. And of course the poltergeist. Dorcas starve themselves Thomasina like too took his own life personally — a continuous suicide. And about the propensity for violence of suicide phantoms knows everyone.

However, a lot of suicides in the world, and Barbados with their coffins one. But who said that one? After a quarter of a century after the events in the crypt of the Chase received a report of a similar case of Kuressaare on the island off the coast of Estonia: in the family crypt Bukskhoudinov coffins were piled in a heap after the funeral of a young officer who shot himself. And there was a case in England. In Australia. Attempts to expose the criminals out there too to no avail.

Poltergeist? Well, it seems. And the version with aliens is not eliminated: the events were suspiciously close in time. Maybe Union and otherworldly extraterrestrial forces, prisoner behind the baffled man?

Listed hypotheses have been developed in the last century, when the mysterious incident has already become history. In 1996 he came to Barbados Pam Wilson and Simon Probert of Penarth. Mr. Simon — by occupation funeral director filmed on the steps of the crypt immured. On the inputted into a computer image plus Simon stamped gaunt bony face women. Dorcas? Thomasina? Or someone else? The story emerges clearly continued.

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