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Horror burned villages

Expedition Baranova old Old Believer recorded songs, ceremonies and traditions, and the most curious of which was an incredible legend beyond the rivers ghouls. One of the old-timers Orekhovka Egor Stepanovich Melnikov told Sergei that forty years ago in the village, located on the opposite bank of the river Lymbelka whose title no one remembers a local cemetery got into the habit to go vampire who turned all the residents of the village in its bloodthirsty kin . Learn about this horror orehovchane neighboring village began to think about how to leave far away from the native village. But Grandpa Egor Stepanovich, who villagers styled medicine man, in one of the quiet summer evening went to a nearby village. That same night, the glow of a strong fire swept opposite shore Lymbelki …

From the words of Egor Stepanovich, until the morning of the village came the terrible terrible, chilling howl that stopped with the first cry Orekhovsky cocks …

Medicine man did not return to Nutcracker, kanuv into oblivion along with the governors beyond the river ghouls, which, until recently, no one heard. But according to Melnikov, in the last two years of this evil once again got in their territories, and even though his three villagers were killed because of this spawn of Satan …

Then the Rams did not believe in the real existence of evil, worthy of appreciating history, to tell the old man Melnikov, but only with the ethnographic point of view. However colorful story Yegor Sergei Stepanovich made a strong impression, and the next few years, local historian actively collecting legends of mythical vampires, wherewith rich Siberian land.

Ghouls in the myths and legends

Rams soon learned that among the Siberian Old Believer mysterious vampire devouring human entrails, is much more important place than bloodsucker vampire or ghoul, the Hungarians, the Celts, Britons or Germans. Up until the early XX century in Siberia and the Urals vampires feared more than mermaids, water, and other undead Shishiga in abundance vodivsheysya in those parts. Local beliefs that came with immigrants from Ukraine and Russia in the north, are the ghouls army of Satan, which gives the bodies of dead people incredible strength and makes them do a bloody evil.

Fortunately, not every dead man stands under a black flag that terrible host. Chance to become a vampire after death are very high at the murderers, sorcerers and suicide, as well as people who have died without repentance or church dedicated church anathema. For this reason, in the old days of the dead were not buried in the general cemetery, because many energy bodies lying in the ground, nourishing the potential ghouls mystic power by which they rise from the grave.

However, it can become a terrible creature and a man, not mired in the life of sin. This happens in the case of desecration of his tomb for forty days after burial and bite accident during his lifetime or after his death the other vampires. In Ukraine, even in the beginning of the last century, there were witches and wizards have a special knowledge that allows them to turn a dead person into an obedient to their will ghoul. For this reason, Little was not uncommon for villagers burned witch, believing that with his death, dying and he created a ghoul.

Turn, is believed to be dead ghoul can that it jumps a black cat or a coffin in which the removal of the house accidentally hit the door jamb. In this case, the deceased was supposed to tie the hands and double it to read the burial service of the church …

Classification of evil

Researchers myths and paranormal claim that vampires are divided into several types, which differ very unique features. The most common in Eastern Europe and Trans is the so-called man-eater, or scavenger. This essence is reborn from improperly buried person, or of a man attacked by vampires. It is believed that the ogre has a greenish color, outside fully stinking slime, and the fingers of his hands are long hooked claws. The main purpose-eating ghoul — dine fresh human flesh, and he never eats it through. Thus it reproduces itself like ghouls. However, this kind of evil is not above using the corpses of dead people and animals.

Aquatic species is latsedon Geist — a man who died on board the ship and thrown into the water without proper funeral rites. Water Geist has webbed feet, covered with a greenish slime-like algae, and drinking human blood.

Celts for centuries been known Brujah. They were called sorcerers or witches, with lifetime use of special magical elixirs that after physical death to give life to their bodies. Unlike other nations, the Celts Brujah respected and considered their guardian spirits of their villages.
A special type of ghouls — stryga — was common in Transylvania and Western Ukraine. It was believed that there stryga by desecrating the graves of women, and then interred the body is forced to wander the world in different guises. You can see it in the image of an old woman, a beggar, a huge bird with a human head, and even lone wolf.

Hard to kill, but …

Lacking any significant intelligence and vivacity, ghouls endowed incredible physical strength. They are able to break down wood and metal barriers and destroy the wall. The case when in 1956 in the village of Cheremkhovo, near Irkutsk, like that shattered wall, built of sand-lime brick …

The danger of most vampires is that they are very similar in appearance to the common people. That's just evil fire burning eyes, sallow hands so foul odor coming from them, can give this evil. Ghouls seldom attack a group of people, but the lone wanderer, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, almost no salvation. No bullet or a knife or a club does not kill the ghoul.
Siberian conservatives believe that even the garlic, so effective in the fight against vampires and ghouls, ghoul does not cause serious harm. Not as effective as one would assume, is the cross, which only causes considerable suffering ghouls, but does not stop him in the desire to taste human flesh.

However, most people, in which there is a mythology creature, reliable way to fight them is a stake, in the chest vonzenny undead, and the fire which purifies our world from this satanic filth.

Holy water is spilled on the ground, spilled millet, embers and even ashes are also able to stop the vampire. Save maybe a magic circle drawn by a man around.

The most powerful vampires in a full moon night, but with the first cock, heralds the approach of dawn, this evil is trying to quickly take cover in their graves, shelters …

After twelve years he came to the Rams again nutcracker and to my horror I saw instead groomed village, whose inhabitants have told him so much about the mysterious local vampires, old overgrown weeds ashes. In the nearby village of one of the old women are reluctant to tell the man that five years ago in a nutcracker, of which at that time went almost all the inhabitants, was got some hell, and soon for some unknown reason, the village was burned to the ground.

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