Proleskovsky annulled Autoradio

By order of the National Commission on Television and Radio Broadcasting annulled the decision for the right to land in peradavannya FM-broadcast for "Autoradio".

In a letter signed by the head of the commission Oleg Proleskovsky noted that the closure of the popular stations due to "failure to comply with the stated creative concept," as well as the spread of information on the eve of the presidential elections, "which includes public calls to extremist activity."

Manual "Autoradio" convinced that the reason for termination of the broadcast was broadcast on the radio station promotional materials presidential candidates Andrei Sannikov and Vladimir Neklyaeva. "Autoradio" was the only place where alternative Lukashenko candidates had the opportunity to have their videos. In this advertising was based on commercial contracts. Sannikov's campaign materials were heard on the air December 15-17, Neklyaeva — 9-17 December 2010 year.

Khomenko, "Autoradio" — the only station that gave 75% of the Belarusian musician

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