Prophetic dreams see all

About dreams, foreshadows the great world of defeat and victory, heard each. But prophetic dreams seen by all: you only have to learn how to transfer to the "dream" language familiar.

Just as intuition

The brighter you are, the brighter and more interesting than his dreams. History is replete with examples of dreams Marey, military leaders and other arbiters who have managed to influence the course of world events. Thus, according to Herodotus, Egypt freed from the domination of the Ethiopian king: one that had a dream that he should cut all the Egyptian priests in half. "The gods have turned away from me, just pushing for such blasphemy!" — Terrified reasoned superstitious king and immediately fled from Egypt.

In our time, when politics and give some meaning to their dreams, then carefully hide it. And nothing, serious scholars have long proved that dreams deserve serious attention. After all, in a dream our logic and sleeps on the first place of intuition: it is able to tell exactly what you can not understand the reason.

In general, neglect their dreams are not worth it. Another thing is that they can not be taken literally: the images of dreams — a special language.

Language poets and plumbers

The most plausible and consistent to date theory that explains many mysteries of sleep — it is a theory of metaphor. According to her, the dreams speak to us in the language of allusions, emotions and imaginative comparisons, which we constantly use in everyday life. This poems and aphorisms, and even an ordinary mat.

"Pie in the sky", "Children — flowers of life," "chump"-all that a large arsenal of allusions and metaphors, which day we use for red or strong language, the night takes on a second life, which manifests itself in a dream in the form of bright animated pictures . According to this theory, the tensions within the family, for example, may appear in your dream as a bare wire.

Dream images are complex, and the temptation to cling to the first meaning of the surface is too large. That fruit on the shelves at many downers uncomplicated slogan: "The Wedding — a good funeral — bad" …

Emperor's New Clothes

It has long been observed that dreams are not as diverse as it seems. Most of us see at night are the same images: people, houses, cars … One of the most common patterns of sleep, of course, clothes. In fact, very few people are not fortunate enough to be naked in a dream in the middle of the crowd staring or even in the clothes and sneakers at a dinner reception. No wonder, because clothing symbolizes the image of the man, his position in society. Emerging any change of status or simply lack of confidence will inevitably cause you have a number of such juicy visions.

However, if the nudity in a dream does not bother you and does not cause unhealthy others laugh, this is an indication of your honesty and openness. But if you pull it in some kind of conflict, sleep suggests that in reality it is your candor can be a source of strife.
If at night you somehow noticed his clothes or part, this is also a reason. Disorder in the dress dreamed could foreshadow a real problem with a reputation, a beautiful suit will tell you that your self-esteem up to scratch, and buying new clothes warn that there is a significant change.

If the money fall from the sky

"I dreamed that I was walking somewhere, in the hands of my hat, and I collect the coins in it. All is good, and the hat brim full, but some little money, undignified" — shared with me one friend at a difficult for a period.

Folk wisdom says happiness is not in money, but in their quantity. This statement is applicable to dreams: in the arms of Morpheus you were to get a good profit, which is to please you, so in daily affairs you took the right course and have all the chances of success. The rest is up to you, will be able to realize their potential — well, well, if all proshlyapil — themselves to blame.

Paper notes usually indicate a likelihood of a successful acquisition or prospective contract, and full-weight coins promise real financial success. Small coins — a sign that expectations are too high profits (which, in fact, a dream and warned my friend. Hat in this dream meant his ideas and plans, and soon one of his ideas really made profit, but the amount was much less than it counted).

However, much of the income in a dream it is not connected with the way the money. Beautiful dish may hint at a stable salary and a small plate — to warn of upcoming harsh times. Once I myself had the opportunity to see this, buying a pig in a dream, lying on a plate. In this life I placed a pig a pig!

Wet matter

That dream Leshchenko said: "I dreamed that I was giving repaired, and I have all of the hands falls: a tile is cracked, the pipe leaked" … Can heartily sympathize popularly beloved singer, who is concerned about this dream "bytovuhoy" because the main task of the artist — to sing, paying less attention to the household chores. That's about it, and said Leshchenko his sleep. Water in a dream — a symbol of vitality, and all sorts of leaks mean the energy wasted on trifles, and, as the water in the sand, leaves forever.

Generally, all the images associated with the water, could not be more simple and clear. So, a pool means you can not concentrate and waste energy on nonsense. A more fundamental reservoirs talk about things large and global.

For example, the river symbolizes throughout your life. Calm, with clean water, it speaks volumes about your good health and good for business. But the image of the sea means the element of feelings and instincts, obey them, the person can easily lose control. So, if looking in a dream on the waves, you feel anxiety or fear, be careful: a storm of emotions can soon seriously complicate your life.

Fate in the hands of Morpheus

Many claim that they see "prophetic dreams" by investing in these words solemnly sublime sense. However, neither angels nor from the world of fairy tales and legends, oddly enough, are not a guarantee that you really touched a dream with a thin cloth.

The surest sign of fate in his dreams — the sky, and if you've been paying attention to it, try to remember all the morning to the smallest detail. Clear blue sky and tell about the favor of fortune, and the storm clouds warn of possible danger.

However, even the most disturbing dream does not aim to plunge you into the abyss of depression. On the contrary, described the situation as it is, he has a chance to change it, sometimes even suggesting how this is best done.

Where they come from opening

It is known that people spend on dreaming about thirty percent of sleep! It turns out, "resting" the brain is very active. At the same time, if any living creature make it impossible to sleep, it will die quickly.

The active phase of sleep, when we Dreamers usually occur in the morning hours. Because "larks" that arise with the dawn, depriving themselves of unusual experiences that we experience in dreams daybreak.

It is believed that the informative and interesting dreams dreams of all living beings with a highly developed nervous system. Is this true, science has not yet proved. But in the course of research, scientists have identified a paradoxical relationship between the time of the onset of REM sleep, and — the size of the dreamer. Elephant sees first dreams no earlier than two hours after bedtime. Adult humans and gorillas — about ninety minutes, children and most species of monkeys — in 50 cats — at 15, mice in 9 minutes. Hence, the nature of dreams is not related to intelligence. This unexpected finding may be an indirect argument in favor of the fact that the brain is not the generator, but rather limiting consciousness.

At the same time, in the book "The World of Lucid Dreaming" by S. LaBerge and X. Rheingold are eyewitness accounts of lucid dreaming, who argue that the degree of awareness that can be achieved in a dream, depending on the level of perception of reality in the waking state.

It is known that the artist Korovin Chaliapin had a chest with a stone, which, despite all the efforts to remove it was not possible — and soon the singer died. Julius Caesar's wife three days before the assassination of her husband watched the tragedy in his sleep. In this dream-revelation is not necessarily related to future events or the manifestation of the Jungian archetypes of the collective unconscious. Of this — amazing examples of dreams from "nowhere": a man several times in the dream felt goose. He long flying at high altitude, sometimes in the clouds, and I saw the ground as the plane, far below. The cold head wind had frozen feet, and he hid them in the feathers on his warm belly. Then he swam with a bunch of fellows on the big lake among the reeds in the distance and saw the black people who were sitting in the boat. They are silently flew some long sticks, which fell into the birds and killed them. He could not understand why these reeds are death. Just woke up, realized that he had seen African hunters, killing sticks were arrows. Opening the book by Bram, this person had read that the geese are cold feet and they press them to the belly …

Why did great science deaf to these many interesting facts? First, the sciences are used to dealing with phenomena that we can repeat the experiment. How to repeat a dream? Second, the content of the dream can not be verified. As for dreams, we are all interpreters. Third, the adoption of the truth of the facts described entails downright appalling consequences for concepts of modern science. That there is only one of them resulting nonlinearity of time! It turns out that the dream as a phenomenon involves fundamental conclusions, but fundamental, overturns our understanding of the world's conclusions need good arguments. In general, the cycle …

To summarize: the function of sleep is not limited to rest the body and the brain and to remain unclear. From the intensity of feelings and the quality of opportunities (eg, training in a dream) sleep surpasses reality. But the logic of the events in it bizarre and often inexplicable from the point of view of "day" of the mind.

Sometimes sleep provokes amazing insight, not only beyond the life experience of the dreamer, but also carry information about the future.
Perhaps in these paradoxes encrypted some important secret of life by solving which we get the keys to a parallel reality.

Dream yoga

This is the most unusual yoga, for its purpose — to teach a person to extract from dreams vital information in a dream to influence the situation in real life. One day the teacher, practicing yoga sleep, he dreamed that his favorite pupil of the other passengers riding in a truck through a mountain pass. At a turn in the driver lost control and the truck fell into the abyss. All died. Not waking up, willed teacher sends a student to a "program", "blow hurt, but do not die." Two days later, the teacher had read in the newspaper that the truck was traveling through the pass, the driver was unable to steer — and the car fell into the abyss. But two of them alive. One of the survivors was his student.

It is believed that sleep consists of several phases. Precedes falling asleep half awake, when before the eye of man flashed some images, he hears voices. Then comes a period of REM sleep, when brain activity is reduced and most people sleep without dreams. Followed by REM sleep, when sleep is in a world of fantasy. According to scientists, the dreams are caused by weak electromagnetic waves. Sleep is characterized by slow alpha rhythm with a low frequency, and period of the occurrence of REM sleep can be learned and without instruments — the movement of the eyeballs: eyes-closed eyelids run, as if the person actually watching the events taking place. Each of these stages is the dreaming their reality, merging into a kaleidoscope of pictures and images.

An entirely different approach to dreams in yoga sleep, which in its own way teaches navigate the phases of dreams. Each of them in some time, has its own characteristics and the degree of reliability of information. So, with twenty-two hours until after midnight dreams is "empty." The middle phase lasts from one o'clock to four o'clock in the morning. At this time, a vision inspired by the daytime experiences. The most sophisticated and information-content-cen — the third phase, from mid-fourth to half past five in the morning. It is in this watch dreams come bearing information about future events.

But this is not prophetic dreams. In some way affecting the mind, as if preparing, bringing people to the realization of an important event in his life, such dreams as the wind in the sails. Man becomes able to perceive information and guiding the most of it for self-realization. The highest goal of yoga dream — to transform consciousness, "teach" it to exist in the parallel reality, which opens in dreams. After all the dreams — this is not "the little death" and the other life, and gives endless possibilities, a life in which there are no limits of time and space where everyone can be a master of events. Yet, in comparison with the death of sleep is the truth: it belongs to the reality of sleep fine world to himself, goes to the soul after the death of. Thanks dreams man has the opportunity to live in two worlds — the material and the astral, drawing from each of knowledge and wisdom. It is no accident dream yoga mastered it in Buddhism, which is not a religion. Buddhism — a science which studies — human consciousness. Realizing the dream as a full-fledged reality by learning how to live in it, the man finally make a huge leap in its evolution. But up to this yet oh so far away.

Life without awakening

After the death of Dante could not find the closest two pages of his "Divine Comedy." Poet, appeared in a dream to his son, pointed to a secret safe where there were missing pages of the manuscript.

Examples of amazing cases of prophetic dreams, endless. Their study, scientists, philosophers, and psychologists. Among the mass of interesting hypotheses particularly unusual theory of Russian philosopher Peter Demyanovich Assumption, disciple and follower of the legendary George Gurdzhieva.V book "The New Model of the Universe" Assumption states that we see not only a dream when we sleep, but in the waking state, in fact never ceasing to dream, though not aware of this … "When we wake up, the dream does not disappear, but it is joined by the waking state, drowning out the voice again and making the dream images invisible."

According to the theory of the Assumption, the picture of the world of fine imposed on all that we see. However, while you are awake, they only occur in exceptional circumstances through reality. And if that happens in our lives break the so-called miracles. "Suddenly you are surprised to discover that the world surrounded by strange shadows, moods, sounds and pictures. And then you realize that the world has always existed within us …".
All that we see in the dream belongs to the subtle, the astral world in which information is stored, left the consciousness of people both living and gone to another world. Across the ocean surrounding us unimaginably small particles that contain information on everything we receive signals from the direct time, according to Assumption.

And it's true: the modern science has proven that mankind, like all living things on this planet, recycles energy, creating informative, intelligent, noosphere "humus."

And in that many scholars tend to see the main purpose of humanity. It is likely that dreams — neither more nor less than the visible part of the process of this processing.

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Magic and Mysticism" № 15 2012

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