Prosecution for Space: the lawyer selected license; nurse fired

For those who took part in a rally on December 19 and was arrested, authorities continue crackdown — laid off from work. We already know of at least two cases in Grodno took the license of a lawyer Valentina Busko: Borisov had to resign nurse Irina Pankovets.

Grodno lawyer Valentine Busko dismissed from the Regional Bar Association as a result of the events of December 19. Valentine Busko was detained during a rally at Independence Square, has left 10 days of administrative arrest.

"Today, I was at work, where I was introduced to the decision that was taken yesterday, in my absence, that I exclude from the Grodno Oblast Bar Association and deny my license on advocacy. This ruling today they gave me in his arms. "

Valentine Busko worked as a lawyer since 1996. December 19 was a woman in Minsk on a visit. Lawyer voted for Andrei Sannikov and was convinced that the officially announced results of the election at odds with reality, and therefore came to the area.

"I generally apolitical man, was far from politics. But I think that my presence at the meeting can not compromise the bar, and the honor of the legal profession after the attorney general. Indeed, it is my right."

Valentine Busko agree with the decision of the Presidium of the Bar and says he will appeal to the court.

Irina Pankovets worked as a nurse in a secondary school in Borisov. After 10 days of administrative arrest for participation in the rally on Independence Square, a woman called to the principal. "I was, as they say, a fait accompli. Pier, took on the contract, and now can not renew the contract. As a result, the 18th December style dismissal by agreement", — said Irina Pankovets.

A woman recalls the events on Independence Square. He says that it was impossible to avoid arrest because of those who tried to break out of the circle of riot police, was mercilessly beaten with batons.

"Well, we stood and listened, shouted. Here, the black fly and we begin with one corner of the drive. We were looking for a corner, which would get out, but then began to beat. Was very scary. These boards, it lyapanne — psychologically it was very badly . Did you see how people are broke, but I was afraid to go there in person to break through, as it is very hit people. beaten on the head, the legs. People fell, rose and drove them back and beat than they could. "

In the detention center in Akrestsin Irina Pankovets met with Irina Khalip that there was interrogated along with the others. Later, they were together almost a day in a cell in the prison on the street Scorina. "It is all of us cheered and supported, she is very strong and a good woman," — says Irina Pankovets the wife of Andrei Sannikov. Irina Pankovets saw from prison in Scorina Irina Khalip was taken in a separate car. As it turned out — in the KGB detention center, where the wife of former presidential candidate held so far.

Interrogations of some administrative detainees for the events on December 19 and continues today, after their release. According to human rights activists, January 5 at the Belarusian-Lithuanian border was removed from the train going to Lithuania, a student of Yerevan State University Gleb Chomutov. The young man spent in Zhodino jail for 12 days. He went to school in Vilnius. On the same day, January 5, in Minsk in a criminal case about the events of December 19 were questioned Anton Klimko, Olga Zhuravlev, Novel Gritsevich. According to human rights activists from the interrogation by the KGB did not return an activist of "Tell the Truth" Pavel Vinogradov.

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