Pyramids near Samara natural or man-made?

Mysterious structures found near the village of Smolkin in Syzran area. These pyramids built 5,000 years ago, the ancient Russia-Aryan civilization, said Samara writer and local historian Yevgeny Bazhanov. Civilization existed thousands of years in what is now the Samara region.

— Pyramid of the ancient peoples has always been a cult symbol. This means a ray of the sun, the ancient symbol of the god Horos. It is possible that under the influence of the Egyptians built the pyramids Samara its grand buildings — says the writer.

Amateur archaeologist continuously searching for ancient artifacts near Samara. In August this year, he made a new unexpected find — a huge earthen mound with a triangle in the center. It is easily recognized symbol of the Freemasons. The lower base of the triangle is 150 meters in length, the ribs — 100 meters.

— The triangle and the eye very well known Masonic symbol, you can see it on the posters of many lodges and even on the dollar bill. This structure — the ancient shrine and temple Horos, known as the "eye of God", — says Evgeny Bazhanov.

Some scientists are skeptical about such conclusions amateur archaeologist. Senior Lecturer, Department of Geology of the Samara State Technical University Michael Bortnikov found nothing mystical in the "pyramid" is looking.

— In the village Smolkin lot of rocks and stones, which are the result of natural processes. These stones are there so many people to them one, not relevant, — says Mikhail.

However, some scholars have called the works of Eugene "fundamental."

— We can already talk about the opening of majestic religious sites, confirming the existence of the Volga center of ancient giant civilizations., — The Lord Rector Anatoly PGSGA Semashkin.

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