Quarantine introduced in the Yaroslavl region, where the ASF virus found

Yaroslavl Governor Sergei Hawks on Monday signed a decree on the introduction of quarantine in Uglich, where he was found hog-virus African swine fever (ASF), said regional government Rosselkhoznadzor.

As previously reported, the carcass of a wild boar, which, as it turned out, a virus ASF, was found Friday evening in hunting estate Prilutskaya Uglich — in fertilizing the site.

"Decree of the approved plan of the restrictive, organizational, economic and animal health activities in fertilizing Priluky hunting grounds," — said in a statement.

In particular, according to the document, in a quarantined area includes all the wild pigs that live in an area of 1000 square meters in the area fertilizing area (near villages and Moseevskaya Shishkino Golovinsky rural settlements). As RIA Novosti press-secretary of Rosselkhoznadzor Natalya wedge, this territory will shoot all the wild boar, and the very special area treated with disinfectants and burn.

According to her backyard in a quarantined area do not fall. Quarantine will last for almost a month, until 26 February.

In August last year in the Yaroslavl region has also been found on ASF virus backyard. Quarantine will last for several months.

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