Released from the KGB detention center Oleg Korban and Anatoly Pavlov


The campaign "Nasha Niva. " Relatives Pavlov said that before the end of the investigation, he will not make any comments to the media.

Oleg Korban said that he was released on his own recognizance conditions and the secrecy of the investigation:

"Happy summoned, said that with thesbiravsya. Why free, not reported".

Aessence to Lukashenka Corban did not write:


"No, not write. And no one even praapanovvav. BT also did not give interviews. I participated in giving evidence repeatedly. The questions as regards I refused to answer. He passed a polygraph examination that there is no relation to the beating of windows I have not. Investigator behaved more or less quietly, no arrivals on I did not have".

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