Reporters found in the portal of the Kirov Kirov Haunted House


In Kirov fires often occur in wooden constructions of the past century. And, is not always such "house-fire victims" being demolished in favor of some interests — many of the abandoned buildings remain standing, looking around yearning for residents of the surrounding neighborhoods. Years pass and these houses are hidden in dense thickets and acquire new tenants — they are settled or homeless people, as they say eyewitnesses — white ghosts.

Go to our office appealed Kirovchanka, Anna bridegroom. The girl, in her words, not only managed to see personally, but also to take a picture of a ghost in the ruins of a wooden house, located in the heart of the city.



Anna said:
— We have a group of friends in the evening on September 6 walking in the Kirov. We only had 7 people — I'm his girlfriend and friends .. We walked down the street and Engels in the Pushkin library turned into the yard. About kindergarten, right behind the brand new building bailiffs stood a ramshackle wooden house, in all probability, there once was a fire. At night, the house looks terribly, so we'd like to quickly go through this place. But suddenly one of my friends stopped right in front of the house and said, "Look, you see it too?". Of course, I thought that a friend decided to play a trick on the girls, but when I myself personally saw the image of a man on the second floor — was not joking. We've all seen clearly translucent image of a man of strong physique. I must say that we were completely sober and everybody saw that the man first sat in one part of the building, and then abruptly moved to stand by the window. As if he was looking at us. I pulled out the camera and decided to take a picture of a ghost, until he was gone. I took a few shots, but the ghost remains in place. We thought that it was most likely homeless, who lived in the house unattended. Our friends climbed over the fence and entered the house. The guys told me that the overlap of the second floor collapsed completely, and even homeless not climbed to the second floor of the house … we did not find anyone.

Anna told me that the next day she went back to that house with a friend. New details about the mysterious old house they had received from the man who a few years guarding the kindergarten is located nearby.

Anya bridegroom:
— The guard told me that a long time ago in this house lived a man who committed suicide — hung himself. Then a few years in the house were occupied by different families, but they were moving fast. In the last 2-3 years in this house and did not want anybody to call. As a result, a fire occurred in the building …

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