Reptiles rule the world …

Came in 2012 … On the eastern calendar is the year of the reptile, named Dragon. Who was the dragon, and in general, what are the reptiles, to which humanity has long been true with obvious bias?

Human vision is arranged so that it actually says, not all, can not see what is actually around him, and openly, and in secret. They say that only clairvoyants see what the common man is not available, they can only recognize "them." According to many of them, what they see, leads them in an inexplicable horror.
Reptiles rule the world
One can see no way stands a man to talk to him, to enter into definite relations, with absolutely no idea that in front of you … just an ordinary reptile.

It is unlikely that the answer to both questions? Why? how? is fairly good and convincing. In the literature, the media stating that the Earth is a perfect habitat for reptiles. Indeed, in its depths have giant plasma and sulfur deposits that produce temperatures of up to 75? C. At this temperature, the human being can not live, and for reptiles — an ideal habitat.

Hit reptiles on the planet for a long time, as a result of the accident, which happened with their interplanetary spacecraft. Lost among the people, they began to carefully prepare the coming of his brethren. This inevitably means the apocalypse for mankind, as it is said in the Bible. Satan is considered to be the main reptile. And what is in question is not the biblical myth, but rather a message and other worlds, and other forms of life. This form of life rather brutal and highly living only with their intellect, and not knowing what the charity. They say that many members of our global elite — presidents, kings and queens, members of the government — are from this world, the world of reptiles or half-dragon.

In the West in the 90s was released quite "impressive" book under the title "The biggest secret". Its author was David Icke, who in this book expresses his belief that the Earth was inhabited since ancient times chelovekoreptiliyami — a race of people who aim to conquer and enslave humanity. According to Ike, the "reasonable" reptile close enough close to achieving its terrible end.

The book gives detailed explanations about what studying distant history, Ike came across a very special race that physically exists to this day. This race consists of reptiles and called according to Sumerian tablets "Anunnaki."

Dr. D.A.Hornom the book "Extraterrestrial human origin", in which he also conducted relevant research on which claims that man's connection with reptiles began thousands of years ago and continues to this day.

These reptiles ancestral line originated from the Caucasus mountains, terrain Sumer or Babylon, where there was interbreeding between reptiles and humans. The crossing there hybrids — the demigods or intermediaries between man and God, a kind of snake-kings.

Ike says that later in Egypt a community called Royal Court Dragon. And even after 4000 years, the organization is strong enough. Guide it is in England, which, in the opinion of Ike, the epicenter or the headquarters network.

Ike's hypothesis is very similar to science fiction, but in this fantasy full of historicism.

Reptilians in a variety of human era ruled the Middle East and neighboring countries, and then became a member of European royalty.

At present there is only one such royal family all the others died of revolutions or coups, were removed from power. Only one line of right so far, although they had different names — the Windsors.
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In 1689, the English throne was placed William of Orange — Dutch nationality. With him by ties of kinship linked every royal family in Europe. And on both sides of the Atlantic are beginning to organize work in their families "managers": Opengeymery in South Africa, the Rockefellers in America.

Simply amazing when delve into the genealogy of American presidents: in all of them European royal blood flowing. Virtually all presidents are genetic descendants of King Alfred of England and the monarch Charlemagne, who ruled in what is now France. A lot of these people are in key positions of power, and all of them, according to Ike — descendants of reptiles.

It would be naive to believe that the president could be anyone. George W. Bush — the son of Prescott Bush, a member of the Company and the Company crossbones Skull, originally raised as a future president and holder of power. Bill Clinton, according to the official genealogy books — a genetic relative of the House of Windsor. Clinton is a member of the Rockefeller family. This explains the fact that ordinary boy "from the street" a scholarship Rod and is issued only to the elite University of Oxford. Lot of such examples …

Also many people who talk confidently about what is literally in front of them, many in power have turned into reptiles. How so? It turns out that there is a certain reptile frequency field, in which it is difficult to be in human form. And if human consciousness even briefly goes to this frequency, it is able to see the reptile without his attire third dimension. And these witnesses darkness.

Ike convinced that humanity is called the world of the new order, in fact, is the plan of reptiles in the world who want to create absolute chaos, not disdaining even larger war. New world order — are the structures of a world government, central bank, global currency, the disappearance of cash, mankind has implanted the chip, world army.

The thing is that the vibration of the planet Earth is increasing, and reptiles all harder to stay in human form. And a moment when the reptiles will no longer be hidden, and people finally see its true face. That's why you should manage to do very much.

The information Ike regarding reptiles, can of course be viewed with some suspicion, but the fact that the world is ruled by a bunch of people who are relatives related to each other blood relations can not be denied. It turns out that the structure of control over the world — is a pyramid that has within himself the other pyramids, the principle of nesting dolls, one in another, etc.

If you look at the part of any organization, we can see that the pyramid principle. Sitting at the lowest levels of the pyramid complex are not even aware what the whole organization. They work at their jobs, after work back to their homes, not even knowing that they work fine coupling, the same, and, in the end, turns into something huge and sinister. And this is known only to those at the top.

Not long ago, one of the Russian television showed a report about how, after a long search in the 80s of the twentieth century was caught policeman and a traitor to his conscience burned several villages in the Smolensk region. However, for no apparent reason for this fascist police started to bother Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. Is not it interesting? The announcer explained that the powers that be to save his agent … However, after the publication of Ike explaining the differences of reptiles from the ordinary people on the picture you can see a traitor characteristic feature. Ie obtained, and the traitor and bigot — not an agent, but one who has a family relationship with his defenders. Community relatives reptiles — reliable and a strong defense.

The main differences of reptiles that immediately catch the eye are the pupil of the eye, an elongated vertical chart almond shape, tongue, and long, pointed, and the teeth are sharp and large.

So far, no one has more or less certain to reject the doctrine of Ike, at the same time, the world somehow became thoughtful. But supporters Ike becomes every day more and more, which means that his chosen direction is correct.

After all, even the Bible says that it is the reptile introduced temptation of our first parents. But in fact this was not a reptile crawling reptile, disgusting. On the contrary, the tempter held vertically, like any of us, had a mind and ruled over animals.

Is our future is predetermined, and people have no chance? It turns out that a billion people on the planet will be controlled according to a global scheme, which is based on greed and abuse inherent reptilian brain?

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