Resurrected for a child


This case was referred to doctors as a miracle — the birth of at the moment is the three-month Elaine Nigrelli accompanied by the most incredible series of events, which gives him the right to be truly sensational event.

The surprising fact — Alaina was born at a time when her mother was technically dead. The tragedy happened at a time when Eric Nigrelli — a teacher from a secondary school in Missouri City, Texas — came into the classroom for a lesson of his colleagues. She felt bad and tried to grab hold of the table to steady himself, and then lost consciousness.

Three teachers immediately got the defibrillator, trying to help the poor woman. Children ran in fear of the classroom, screaming for help. Erika's husband — Nathan Nigrelli — who also worked as a teacher at the school, at the time was in the next room. Hearing the commotion, he rushed to his wife. "Eric was lying on the floor, she was foaming at the mouth, she was making gurgling sounds and looked at one point," — later told one of the channel partner CNN.

He immediately called the "first aid". "My wife is pregnant! — He yelled into the phone. — She had a seizure! The child should be born in three weeks! "The 911 operator was in shock. However, by the time the doctors got to the school, the pulse of a woman is no longer detectable. Doctors delivered the body to the hospital where noted cardiac arrest and do, and cesarean section, learned the baby from the womb of the mother. They were completely absorbed by the baby, but one of the doctors suddenly noticed that the pulse resumed Erica — doctors do not believe their eyes.

During the next five days it was in medical coma. During this period, doctors found her diagnosis — heart disease. Eric was later admitted she had no idea that she had a heart defect. This disease leads to thickening of the heart muscle, which causes the heart to work harder to pump blood volume is normal. The newborn baby Alaina had been in intensive care for two weeks.

Last week, the whole family came to the studio CNN — Alaina was sitting on her mother's lap and sucked a purple pacifier. "We are feeling fine," — says Nathan Nigrelli. "We have a wonderful child. My wife recovered by 100%, "- he is happy.

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