Riddle of St. Sharbel

Magic photo can compliment the healing of ailments. It is known that many saints could miraculously heal people, and do it in life, and after his death. How do they do it? It seems that scientists have been able to reveal the age-old mystery.

With the director of the Moscow Institute of Information-Wave Technology (MIIVT), Doctor of Technical Sciences Valery Hokkanenom we conducted an experiment in his institute with a rather unusual purpose: to measure electromagnetic radiation images psychics.

Before, I did not believe in the healing power of the charged images sessions. But then read the collected works of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences, which was a report about an interesting experience, set in the Kharkov Institute of Clinical and Experimental Neurology and Psychiatry. Investigated the influence of the famous photos bioenergotherapist V.A.Sadyrina on health. As the test objects were taken laboratory rats and 14 people volunteer. Results of experiment looked impressive: people have noted a change in all biopotential of the brain and vascular tone, suppression of pain, optimizing the level of adrenaline in rats — also changes a number of biochemical parameters.

Experiment in MIIVTe gave a completely unexpected result. Checking pictures Sadyrin with supersensitive instruments showed that they have the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with the ordered frequency spectrum, similar to the radiation of healthy organs. And EMI is with such frequencies are used in the information-wave method for medical treatment, only emit their special electronic devices.

When I told this to my friend Herman Arutyunov, working in a popular science magazine, he advised to repeat the experiment with a photograph of St. Sharbel. I confess, I did not want to waste time on the photo of the deceased saint long as in previous experiments showed that the radiation images of dead people only contained a chaotic set of frequencies.

Herman then handed me a stack of letters in which readers were told that as the picture of St. Sharbel provide healing effects on a variety of diseases! Here is an excerpt from one such letter: Recently, I was in the hospital and took with him a magazine with his picture … I can tell you what was the witness. One woman, whose far-sightedness, without glasses could not read, was applied to the eyes of Saint Sharbel, and then was able to read the newspaper. The other was formed after the injection bump (in a bone or something, hit). A photograph — two days bump resorbed. The third arm above the elbow hurt, I could not lift it. Put his hand to the photo, and the next day was surprised that the arm is easily lifted up without any pain. In the same spirit, there were other letters. The first thing that came to mind: improving effect photo of St. Sharbel was simply the result of auto-suggestion. Because sometimes it really works wonders. But still should check it — too much, judging the letters, it was the people who started all of a sudden miraculously healed by auto-suggestion.

Frankly, I do, and MIIVTa employees who were to carry out measurements of the radiation have been set very skeptical. But here on the screen began to grow familiar fence of the healthy frequencies. Several more measurements — the result was the same: The photo of the deceased saint radiated the same frequency, which produces medical equipment! For all the most stringent standards, this was a real miracle, photographs of the deceased could really heal, because it has encouraged a healthy electromagnetic radiation. Clearly, after such a successful experiment, I began to gather information about the Holy Sharbel.

During the life of this was nothing special stands hermit monk Christian monastery in Lebanon, which spent the last 25 years alone. He worked in the garden and in the vineyard. Eat once a day — two in the afternoon, mostly vegetarian food. He slept in his cell without any heating on the bare stone floor, putting his head under a log for a pillow. Died at the age of seventy.

Miracles began after his death. New Year's morning in 1898 on a narrow, snow-covered mountain road hermit monks carried the simple coffin in which lay their deceased brother Sharbel. The coffin was placed in the crypt of the monastery in the town of Annaya at 1,300 meters above sea level.

And on the second day, the inhabitants of the mountain village saw the monastery of Saint Marun, where lies the body of Sharbel, a strange glow, which, according to eyewitnesses, was similar to the luminescence. While in the mountains, there was no electricity. Do not stop so many months glow attracted crowds of curious, specially came from afar to see him. But then, no one has ever suspected that strange glow something to do with the late monk-hermit. First talk about the miracle of Sharbel almost a year and half.

It started with that on April 15, 1898 in the mountains in search of the criminal-killer has left a police outfit. Seeing the light of the monastery of Saint Marun, detectives rushed there and demanded to open the tomb, thinking that there is hiding a criminal. The monks opened the heavy metal door, and police began a thorough inspection of tomb. Killer they were unable to find, but saw something amazing. Spring water flooded the vault. The remains of all the monks, who were buried at the same time as Sharbel, were destroyed. Only his body has not been touched by the expansion. However, his face and hands covered fungal mold, similar to wool. But, when it was removed, people saw the deceased person, and sleeper. It even came in the form of perspiration ichor pink. All members of the body were flexible and resilient, and he did not come putrid smell.

Monks dressed corpse in dry clothes and moved to the monastery treasury, where he later visited the doctors called the cops. Custody order so impressed Sharbel view that they thought did not sleep a dead lethargy. It turned out, no, he was dead. Meanwhile, his body continued to sweat so much ichor that comes every day to change his clothes. One of the monks once decided drier body in the sun. This drying and airing lasted four months, but to no avail. Everything went on as before. Doctors put in impasse strange behavior of the dead, offered to remove all the internal organs of his body. Sharbel deceased had an operation and cleared the abdominal cavity. But it also did not give: corpse decomposed, continued to commit pinkish liquid and muscle tissue remained soft and supple.

In 1909, he was placed in a box with a glass lid and left the monastery for all to see. This tomb of Saint Sharbel, dubbed as the people of the monk, began a pilgrimage.

The Vatican did not recognize his saints: the fathers of the Catholic Church believed that it needs more evidence. And in the meantime the deceased each day worked miracles: He healed the mentally ill, to his feet paralyzed, restored sight to the blind, hearing — deaf.

Looking forward, we must say that now in the museum at the monastery of St. Sharbel St. Marun put hundreds of crutches, orthopedic shoes, tires that are left there are healed sufferers. And that is completely inexplicable: for 17 years, the body never ceased to sweat ichor, not dried out and does not turn into a mummy. Skin remained pale, felt no putrid smell.

In 1927, Sharbel shifted in a zinc coffin, which was placed in a wooden. In 1950, it was noticed that the walls of the tomb, where the coffin, gelatinous fluid dripping pink. Coffins opened — no change. But if his body secretes at least three grams of fluid per day, from the death of the monk would have to lose 57 pounds, that is to become a power. But it did not.

In 1977, the monk Sharbel was finally recognized as a saint of the Catholic Church. After that, the monastery of St. Marun poured an endless stream of letters. Today, patients from 95 countries, who can not go there yourself, send by mail the photos and locks of hair with a request to put them to the tomb of Saint Sharbel, and then to return, hoping to be healed of their ailments.

As for the healing effect of the remains of St. Sharbel, then bring said Dr. Irina Saqr long gushing over solving the mystery of the sacred: In 1991, I climbed up the mountain to the Holy Sharbel with a group of volunteers to explore bioenergy people before and after contact. The first group — patients with neuroses of war, the treatment of which I was involved in the war in Lebanon. This group was very low, in the range of 10-20 mA for the gauges Bion-I. The second group — healthy people with normal scale Bion-I as a function of age. The third group — people whose values are exceeded 100-200 mA, and one woman reached up to 900 mA. Incidentally, among the local population it was famous as a specialist in removing the evil eye. They are, mostly healthy, but they sometimes suffer from an excess of energy. All subjects for contact with the Holy Sharbel I admit to the crypt at a time, to avoid the exchange of energy between themselves during their stay there. First there are the volunteers of the first group, then the second and third. Please keep all hands aimed at the body of the saint. After their 20-minute exposure at each measured energy by Bion-I. In the second group of subjects Bion-I shows the same results as before contact with the Holy Sharbel, that is the same. Unexpected results from a third group of subjects: Bion-I showed a decrease in their energy levels up to normal.

All after contact with Saint Sharbel were in good happy mood, calm. Summarizing our results, we can say that some joined the energy deficit after contact with St. Sharbel, while others, who do not need it, have remained at the same level, taking away from a good mood, a third would give over their power, which is a burden to them.

After the experiment, the chief abbot Father Tom invited to share their humble meal. At the table, a lot of questions. Especially monks wondered: how long will be the energy of St. Sharbel? They were clear that the power given to the saint of God. And with all this, they were interested in the scientific explanation of the phenomenon. Saqr remembered doctor Shafiq Karagul. She has studied extrasensory perception in people at UCLA. Saqr told about one of her experiments. Dr. Shafiq asked a female psychic recharge your energy every day for 15 minutes for 15 days, a piece of meat. This piece of meat, charged a psychic for 30 years, is on the window and does not decompose. Therefore, the psychic energy created around bio-object wrapper that prevents its degradation.

And it is on this day, the only explanation for the first miracle of Saint Sharbel — impervious to his body decomposition. The second miracle — the appearance of healing electromagnetic charge on all photos Sharbel — still have to be classified as divine. It is known that the psychics (as mentioned above Sadyrin) charge photographs themselves, that is, alive. A Sharbel makes it after death. Somehow or somebody will of his incorrupt body retains its miraculous power.

Sergei Dyomkin

Category: Mystery and Mysticism

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