Roshydromet warns of abnormal heat in Central Russia

In the Central Federal District, in the remaining days before the end of the week — from 20 to 24 July, is expected to abnormally hot weather, said Roshydromet.

"The values of the average daily temperature will exceed climatic norm by 7 degrees or more. During this period, the maximum daily temperature in Smolensk, Tver, Yaroslavl and Kostroma regions will be 30-32 degrees, the rest of the district — 33-34 degrees, in Belgorod, Voronezh and Tambov regions sometimes 35-37 degrees, "- said in a statement.

Earlier, the deputy director of the Russian Federation Gennady Eliseev meteorologist reported that, according to the forecast, and temperatures in the capital will stay in grades 30-33 degrees, which is about 7-8 degrees above normal. However, assured meteorologist repetition heat in 2010 is not expected. According to him, blocking anticyclone, which occurred because of the heat, can survive in the Moscow region from ten days to two weeks. So it is possible new records.

Last year, the heat prevails in and around Moscow in mid-July and lasted more than a month, having passed his position only a week before the fall. Thus on a thirty mark thermometers are not stopped — every day more and more the air is heated. According to the center weather "Phobos", during this period of the summer found 22 temperature records, some of which are even absolute — July 29, in the capital of air warmed to plus 38.2 degrees, which was not in the entire 130-year history of weather observations.

RIA Novosti

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