Royal Gift Stalingrad

Russian name of the town forever remain in the memory of the British confessions

The British, as you know, huge fans of country traditions. A monarchical government, the royal family and the royal court in England — more than thousand-year tradition and a sign of statehood, the inviolability of the principles of the United Kingdom. Last year's celebration on the banks of the Thames to mark the 60th anniversary of the reign of the current Queen Elizabeth II is almost coincided with the anniversary of the victory of Russian troops at Stalingrad. Especially since it makes sense to think of a somewhat unusual due to the uninitiated English throne and the greatest battle on the Volga River year 70-year anniversary of its victorious end of February 2, 1943.

Special Respect the inhabitants of Albion took the Queen Mother — Elizabeth Windsor (his daughter, now the reigning Queen Elizabeth II, she lost to the throne in 1952). The Queen Mother was adored throughout civilization. Not the case in its centenary in 2000 noted in the UK, and of the Commonwealth in general (which includes 54 countries — former British colonies and dominions), young and old alike. March 30, 2002 she passed away at the 101 th year. According to Steel Lady former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Elizabeth's death was an irreparable loss to the whole of civilization.

The fate of Britain is solved on the banks of the Volga

The whole people love came to Elizabeth Windsor during the second world war. Then the British had a difficult life. British Isles were barbaric bombing of German aviation. One of the bombs in 1940 and landed at Buckingham Palace, he received significant damage.

But the royal couple failed to arrive from London. The queen herself climbed the ruins of the 1st of the damaged wing of the palace, assessing the damage caused. She often traveled to areas of London affected by the bombing, met with by ordinary people who have had this nightmare to support them morally. From Elizabeth was a real help and the clothes and food. She does not just sit behind the wheel of a truck carrying humanitarian supplies to deliver them on purpose.

Do I have to read what Elizabeth invaluable emotional support so makarom provided not only a civilian population, and the men who fought the English. If the queen of the people, when the royal family is not left London, she believes in the victory. Hitler was not the case when he was informed of the ascetic British Queen, referred to her as "the most unsafe lady in Europe for the Third Reich."

The example of the Queen Mother and her daughter followed. They also were taken to hospitals medications were on duty as usual nurses. The future queen Elizabeth II voluntarily went to serve in the regular army military truck driver when she just turned 19 years old.

With great attention to Elizabeth and her husband, Jora VI, watched the events on the Eastern Front. They could not be aware of: the fate of the UK in almost everything depended on the success of Russian troops in the vast field Distant Russia. So you can understand my sincere intrigued by the royal couple in the final bout of the greatest second World War — the Battle of Stalingrad.

The majestic victory on the Volga River has caused the people of the British Empire burst of interest. "Stalingrad became a symbol of courage, resilience of the Russian people and at the same emblem of the greatest human suffering. This sign will continue for centuries "- said British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Such feelings are experienced and members of the royal family. But they were amazed at the devastation in the town. Elizabeth, the eldest, is close to the heart of the town was destroyed apprehended difficulties and concerns of its inhabitants, immediately began to recover Stalingrad in late 1943, organized a fundraiser for the far town. From the UK, where people and themselves in time of war were poor, through the Society for the Aid of Stalingrad was delivered six hospitals. In large numbers began to receive food and warm clothes. And gathered at the initiative of Queen assets were acquired medicines and equipment for the entire clinic.

But Elizabeth Windsor and her husband, and two of their daughters — the eldest, Elizabeth, segodnyaschy reigning queen, and the youngest, Princess Margaret — the family council decided to send a gift to residents of long-range Russian town that bears the name of Stalin, unique gifts from you. The idea, by the way, gave a hint wife herself queen. Had to decide what to give, and Princess Elizabeth was of an unusual proposal, which supported the entire royal family.

In the end, the master of England decided to pass on the town as a gift to a large knight's sword. It is said — made. Dr. luxurious Art R.M.Y.Glidou sketched blade. George VI, he attracted. Blade Lock and took almost three months. And all this time, the process controlled commission of 9 professionals. Specifically worked on the project blacksmiths and gunsmiths Tom Beasley Sid Rose, silversmith Corporal of the Royal Air Force in England Leslie J. Durbin.

Sword of Stalingrad. Photo from the official website of the Museum "Battle of Stalingrad"

Blade of the Borough

The blade is considered a masterpiece of modern blacksmith crafts weapons. The truth is covered with braided handle of gold wire. Garda — of spotless silver. In the end the head of rock crystal — gold Tudor Rose. Crimson sheath decorated with silver-plated royal coat of arms, crown and monogram, five silver lining. Plus — three framed gold five-pointed star ruby.

Blade length about 91.4 cm and the entire blade length of 122 cm on the blade — rear 2-languages. The Russian "citizens of Stalingrad * strong as steel * from King George VI * symbol in the deepest admiration of the British people." And in the UK: To the steel-hearted citizens of Stalingrad * The gift of King George VI * in token of homage of the British people ».

"Sword of Stalingrad" skillfully hand-forged from high-quality Sheffield became masters of Coventry. This British city was destroyed by the very German aircraft. He later became a sister city of Stalingrad.

The official ceremony of the blade accomplished November 29, 1943 at Russian embassy in Tehran during a meeting minions of the anti-Hitler coalition. Russian military band played English Russian municipal and hymns. Picking up the blade, Churchill appealed to Stalin: "I trusted to present to you this noble blade into a symbol of the deepest admiration of the British people." Stalin, having a blade sheath kissed and thanked Churchill. Then he gave the look a gift to U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt. He drew the blade from its sheath, held it and said, "Surely they were at the heart of steel!"

The illustrious royal gift was accompanied by a diploma. Now these items are stored in the museum-panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad, which is located on the embankment of the Volga in the central part of the city-hero. They enjoyed great success among the guests of the museum, especially the visitors from the banks of the Thames.

This is the gift of the king is known to many in our country and abroad. But that's about the special gift of the English queen, manufactured at the same time, during the war, it is clear even to many historians prof. This is a telephone exchange for 10 thousand rooms — capacity for long is very impressive, sent from the UK and established in the town. Specifically, with her almost the restoration of telephone service in Stalingrad. Of course, the Queen remembered the day of the fortieth year, when as a result of the Luftwaffe air raid Buckingham Palace in London for some t
ime remained without communication.

However, the capacity of the 'royal' in the main station then went to a reducing administrative and economic infrastructure. But a few rooms were isolated and rebuilt the first residential building in the town. It is a known Pavlov's House, where the fall of 1941 men, among whom was a sergeant and Yakov Pavlov, bravely kept the defense without conceding enemy to the Volga. From the house to the river then nothing at all: 400 meters. But the enemy within two months of fierce battles to the Volga River and has not passed.


On the king's gifts are not just remembered in the UK messengers of Volgograd during official visits to London and English twin town hero — Coventry. And the voice of the fact that in April 2000, Elizabeth Windsor has been awarded the title of a prominent citizen of Volgograd — "for special rewards in the organization of aid for Stalingrad residents of England during the second world war." But at this point in the British Isles fact assigning a noble title of queen mother almost forgotten. His role is certainly played by the fact that in the mass consciousness of the Commonwealth of England and the West in general city where a radical change was made in the second world war, in which our two countries were allies, and to date is perceived as Stalingrad. By the way, both the authorities and hundreds of thousands of inhabitants, especially the veterans, not once raised the issue of the return of the town name, with which he entered the history of the world. The name, without consulting anyone, nravno deprived in November 1961, the then Russian manager Nikita Khrushchev.

The question is, of course, complex. After all, there is another world: Volgograd return to its original historic title Tsaritsyn (it was founded in 80 years of the sixteenth century). For such a solution, namely, are the Cossacks. Since time immemorial they were guarding the southern borders of the Motherland here. But all that being said, our internal affairs. And for Albion, its ruling dynasty, for the ordinary people of the country and the world city was and remains Stalingrad.

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