Russia continues to work on industrial and reproductive stocking

Restore populations of rare species of fish in the Ob help urban enterprises of Novosibirsk. They will compensate the damage that they themselves have caused the inhabitants of its water activities. Today they released together with fish farmers in the river 5,000,000 fry valuable species — whitefish, peled and white salmon.


The problem of the disappearance of fish in the Novosibirsk reservoir must decide artificial spawning grounds. This season them twice larger than in the past. And reproduction of red-listed species of fish — whitefish, sturgeon, sturgeon, white salmon, fish factory is engaged in Novosibirsk. Performance hatchery — 250 million eggs a year, this amount will be enough for stocking the Novosibirsk region. Now grub sent to the lake Indyr.

Novovoronezh hatchery fish farmers zaryblyayut carp Don and cooling pond Novovoronezh.

Kyshtym rybohozyaystvo released into the lake Kasorgi 6 million fry of whitefish ripus, peled and cisco.

In late April, Kamensky fishery released into the Ob 75,000 carp fingerlings, this is the first stocking of natural waters in the Altai in the current season.

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