Russia continues to work on stocking ponds

In the village of Loparskaya (Murmansk region). Released into the river Cola salmon fry. In total this year to the rivers of the Kola Peninsula will be released 415,000 fingerlings. 




Today at 11:00 am in Tomsk, in the street. Trifonov, in the Tom river will be released about 5,000,000 podroschennyh larvae peled and 50 young sturgeon.

The action is carried out in the program for stocking ponds Tomsk region. Peled larvae and juvenile sturgeon hatchery provided Tomsk Mill located at Seversky.

State "Gosrybtsentr" will release 18.5 million peled larvae into the water fishery in the Khanty-Mansiysk. In Lake Endor May 21 released 10 million copies of larval fish in Long Lake litter — four million, Lake Home — 400000, Shopoh — two million larvae.

In Omsk, experts have released 80,000 fingerlings into the Irtysh pike.

Ten of thousands of carp fry released into the water of the lake Yurasovskaya (Nizhny Novgorod region) to zarybit this body of water. By the fall carp, which weigh 100 grams today should grow up to five times.

Aquaculturists Perm GRES sturgeon fingerlings released into the pool of Kama, the first 3332 fish were released in the "deep waters" near the village of Lower Luh Dobriansky district. Perm GRES engaged in environmental activities and compensation since 2003. Each year, fish farmers grow and produce in the Kama basin sturgeon fry, replenishing fish stocks Perm region. Until the end of May is scheduled to release another 400,000 sterlyadok. A total of 9 years in the Kama water has left more than 2.5 million sturgeon fingerlings, which is an endangered species of sturgeon, listed in the Red Book of Russia.

As part of the departmental target program "State support of commercial fish farming in the Novosibirsk Region for 2011-2013", waterways already vypusheno more than 19 million pieces of larvae peled, 150,000 pieces of white grass carp and silver carp, 250,000 yearlings and two-year-carp and 150 thousands of yearlings sarboyanskogo carp.

Under the compensation businesses damage to water biological resources and their habitats in the river Ob produced above 37.6 million larvae peled, 465,000 podroschennaya white salmon fry and 282 million pieces of juvenile whitefish.

 For the purpose of resource recovery of valuable species of fish were reared and released into the river Ob 300,000 pieces of white salmon fry and 300,000 fingerlings whitefish.

 In total, the reservoirs of 58.5 million units produced juveniles of valuable fish species.

Sturgeon herd, edinstvennoe in the Murmansk region, prepare to reproduce.

At present, salmon hatcheries Kolyma are nearing completion of the event keeping performance of larvae and raise them afloat.

In early May, the first batch of fingerling coho salmon in the amount of 86 thousand units are on the rearing in pools with heated water, has already been translated into a natural rearing ponds Uglikanka River, which is located on the territory of Olskaya experimental production and acclimatization base.


Overall, in 2012 at the hatcheries FGBU "Okhotskrybvod" is scheduled to release and let grow into natural water bodies over 29.5 million pieces of juvenile Pacific salmon. 

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