Russia has created a completely domestic production of high-temperature superconducting tapes 2

During the visit, specialists of JSC "Russian superconductor" in digging Bruker HTS (Germany) was obtained HTS-2 tape width of 4 mm with a critical current of 345 A (1.5 times higher than nominal). The period of application of the buffer layer reduced by 5 times.

A working visit to the head of "Russian superconductor" Victor Pantsyrny to Germany, where he visited the company Bruker HTS. During this visit was carried out verification package know-how HTS-2 tape.

With the participation of specialists of JSC "Russian superconductor" on the equipment Bruker HTS was released HTS-2 tape, and, thus, was held practical testing of each operation for the production of long superconductor.

A comprehensive line of equipment purchased by OAO "Russian superconductor", made in a timely manner. Now experts debug software technology equipment. Final acceptance will be held in August this year.

Acquired research facility will accelerate work on creating all domestic industrial HTS-2 tape required for the development of superconductor industry in Russia, which provides for the creation of power lines, energy storage devices, transformers, motors, generators (projects of JSC "Russian superconductor" and FGC) . And also to work on improving the technology of high-Tc 2 in order to improve the performance properties of long superconductors and increase by 2-4 times their current-carrying capacity.  

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