Russia has created anti-extremist search engine

Roscomnadzor develops automated search of extremist materials in the media, on the Internet.


As the Deputy Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Oleg Dukhovnitsky, a work in progress, but it is premature to say when the launch of this search engine. "But I have full confidence and clear that the need for such a product is now overdue" — said Dukhovnitsky, reports "Interfax".

He said that already developed some software to detect illegal content on the Internet, in particular child pornography.

The deputy minister stressed that the system should not infringe upon the legitimate rights of broadcasters, publishers, service providers, etc. Therefore, he said, this product will be a broad public discussion.

According Dukhovnitsky on the first stage, the data obtained with the anti-extremist search program is likely to have a recommendation. "The media should not keep himself from somewhere in the back of the thought that here, work began on the commission, now they come for extremism, then take on the freedom of speech, then forced to write what we want, and so on. No, and no again — Article 29 of the Constitution says that we do not have censorship and is not expected ", — said Dukhovnitsky.

In turn, the head of the control and supervision in the sphere of mass communications Roskomnadzora Nikolai Novikov said that the development of the program may take a long time. "To date, the main thing — to create a program that would find all these things context. Quite a lot of time should leave it to the developers of the software product ", — said Novikov.

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