Russia has created the first multi-field complex general aviation

OOO "Sigma" in Russia creates the first multi-disciplinary set of general aviation.

Ltd. "Virage" was created in 2007 in the city of Voronezh. In the short term has been deployed production ultralight two-seater "Sigma-Classic." Well-known designer of light aircraft Sergei Ignatiev, a developer of the aircraft, "Sigma-Classic", in February 2009 gave an exclusive right to manufacture the aircraft Ltd. "Virage". The aircraft is designed for initial training, sports, tourism, aerial photography, aerial patrols. The project is designed in accordance with European regulations JAR VLA. In parallel, commercial production modifications for agricultural use, equipped with special equipment.

Currently, LLC "Virage" has a license to develop, manufacture and repair of aviation equipment including dual purpose. Along with the production company provides aircraft repair and maintenance of all aircraft "Sigma-4", which opens service center in Voronezh, in Zhukovsky and Usmani Lipetsk region.

The company plans to provide flexible organization of production of several types of light aircraft, with updating the lineup every 3-5 years. To implement this program is being carried out work on the design and construction of a new manufacturing and technology center.

Products Ltd. "Virage" repeatedly demonstrated at the MAKS Air Show, which were highly appreciated by experts. The great interest of participants and guests of the exhibition and the proposals give hope to the good prospects for the development of the enterprise.

General Director of LLC "Sigma" and OOO "Virage" Faith Ivakhin told "AviaPort" on the activities of the company and plans for the future.

According to her, today is the construction of one of the buildings in the project of creating "Multipurpose complex general aviation" — MK caller ID. However, to understand the bulk of the project itself should tell more about the complex, which is now being created.

Construction is underway in Usmanskom district of Lipetsk region. Earth complex adjacent to the site registered aircraft owned by JSC "Aviation Company" Flight "and alternate aerodrome Ministry of Defense, which has a runway length of 2,500 meters will be equipped in addition two more runways, 1100 and 800 m airfield systems maintenance. The project involves the construction of parking for aircraft-based, creating a production facility, service center, hotel complex, a training center, entertainment center and control tower. Thus, there is the creation of Russia's first large-scale modern multifunctional complex for the production and operation of airplanes and helicopters of small aircraft, stressed V.Ivahina.

According to her, the production system is designed for serial production of general aviation aircraft. The complex will include two detached industrial and office buildings of 3000 and 1200 m. m The buildings will house the assembly shop, composite and welding parts, paint chamber, the site machining, laboratory, utility rooms, dining room and administrative offices. There is also a production complex is a detached warehouse building area of 504 square meters. m for storage of accessories, spare parts and consumables. The complex will include a service center for up to 18 aircraft seats, which is designed to provide maintenance and repair of aircraft.

Parking-based aircraft is an open area with paved area of over 40,000 square meters. m It is designed for 40 planes and 4 helicopters. Economic-hotel complex includes a seven-storey villas with total area of 1400 square meters. m (84 beds), restaurant "From the Screw" for 100 people, building a hotel complex to house crews, passengers and guests. According to the project, one of the activities will be the organization of services that are mass entertainment purposes. The main attribute of the center is the first in Eastern Europe wind tunnel grade "Professional". In addition to purely entertainment purposes, wind tunnel will be used as a simulator — free-fall simulator for athletes paratroopers, said the CEO.

She stressed that the complex will be the first project of this scale for general aviation — a convenient geographical location, comfort, versatility and modern equipment all structures allow the complex to implement high-quality customer service and provide the investment attractiveness, become a launching pad for further development.

Being in the middle of the route Moscow — Sochi, in the period of the Olympic Games "Sochi-2014", the complex will be able to receive aircraft in transit from the Central region of Russia, to carry out minor repairs to the organization of leisure time, says the source.

According to her, the project "MK Caller ID" will give impetus to the development of the whole small aircraft in the country, stimulate economic development, social and transport assets in the subjects of the Russian Federation, will be an example for other market participants in the creation of manufacturing, service and airport facilities for small aircraft throughout the country.

Currently in the final stages of construction of an industrial complex area of 1,206 square meters. m The production process will be organized in two industrial buildings — 1206 and 3000 m. m Release on 1206 square meters. m is planned for June-July of this year. In parallel, the housing will be built area of 3000 square meters. m (industrial building) and 1500 square meters. m (building service and maintenance). It should be recalled that at the Voronezh area of the production area was only 460 square meters. m, which is significantly less than the new facility in the Lipetsk region, said V.Ivahina.

According to her, the completion of the creation of the entire complex is scheduled for early 2013 Rated complex under construction in relation to the aircraft "Sigma-Classic" will be 120 aircraft per year. The company "bends" recently moved from Voronezh, where previously housed the production, to the city of Lipetsk region Usman on a temporary site, and this summer has completely all the company's staff will move to the construction set.

As previously reported, the volume of investment in the project will be about 500 million rubles.

Despite the construction of the complex, Ltd. "Virage" continues to aircraft production "Sigma-Classic." In 2010, the company built 15 aircraft and fully complied with the contract for supply of 10 machines in agricultural performance. In 2011, the company has to make and put four more such machines. Today, the company has orders for 16 aircraft. Customers are airlines, four individuals, all customers — domestic. The increase in production is not a problem now, said V.Ivahina.

She also recalled that last year was registered airline of "Aviainvest", has been certified operator. The activities of airlines has several components: implementation of projects for the benefit of custom
ers for agriculture, pipeline patrol, power lines, forests, monitoring, etc. Regarding the use of aircraft carrier "Sigma-Classic" in agriculture, the company bought 10 aircraft for this "Sigma-Classic"-CX.

According V.Ivahinoy until late April or early May of this year to submit an application to the IAC for the certification of aircraft "Sigma-Classic" on the AP-21 norms. It is assumed that in June, the mock-up committee on the aircraft, and to complete the certification IAC promises before the end of 2011 the number of flights is will largely depend on the results of the mock-up committee. Total will participate in the certification of three aircraft. In particular, within the framework of certification of the company entered into an agreement on the organization of military aircraft of acceptance issued by the company.

Aircraft certification procedure provides for a static test aircraft at TsAGI and the creation of the aircraft in the type design. Today, the company has a plane out of the box for the certification tests. There is also a glider for the strength tests in TsAGI, said general director.

"From January 1, 2011, we are an authorized service center company Rotax. Now spend Rotax engine maintenance on the aircraft as "Sigma-Classic", and on the other Sun Currently, preparatory work on the ATB certification for the Yak-18, Yak-52, as well as the aircraft Cessna-172 and Cessna-182 "- added V.Ivahina.

The aircraft "Sigma-Classic" made by the normal scheme braced vysokoplana with the engine above the cab. The aircraft has four four-cylinder engine produced in Austria Rotax-912ULS 100 hp The engine is certified, has dubbed the ignition system and built-in fuel pump. Options avionics approximately 90% domestic. The cabin has a large MFIs to display the route of flight, navigation and meteorological data. The next step is to install the autopilot, which will allow for fully automatic flight. JSC "Tehaviakompleks" has developed and received a certificate in 2010 for trainer aircraft "Sigma-Classic."

The main characteristics of the aircraft, "Sigma-Classic"

* Wingspan, m — 9.80
* Wing area, m2 — 11.00
* Weight, kg:
* Blank — 340
* Take Off — 600
* Fuel tank capacity, l — 65
* Speed, km / h
* Maximum — 200
* Cruising — 170
* Minimum — 70
* Range, km — 700
* Rate of climb, m / s — 6.0
* The length of the run, m — 77
* Take-off distance (15 m), m — 210
* Landing distance (15 m), m — 400
* The operational overload — 4.0

According to the director, under construction complex CLI provides not only the production of aircraft such as "Sigma-Classic." Currently, negotiations are underway with European manufacturers and designers of aircraft manufacturing at the site, "MK Caller ID" for the CIS market.

Speaking about the new developments Ltd. "Virage" V.Ivahina reported on two new projects light aircraft, the design of which is in the design office at the present time. We are talking about projects SC-2 aircraft, and "Omega".

According to the project SC-2 plane to speak while a bit premature. It is planned to create a multi-purpose, but with a priority to work in the interests of agriculture. Now, the preparation of design and technical documentation. Test aircraft are planned, at best, in the spring of 2012 to speak about his appearance and performance so far, we can say that SC-2 by volume load is not less than the An-2. The engine until the final selection is made, worked out a few options, said the general director.

V.Ivahina more detailed the design of the airplane "Omega".

She noted that the timing of construction of prospective five-seater aircraft "Omega" will largely depend on the time he moved to a new building. Development of the project is at the stage of construction of the first prototype.

She said the plane "Omega" made by the normal aerodynamic configuration with high-lying on the pylon wing (parasol), with two engines mounted on pylons under the wings with pulling propellers. The aircraft is equipped with two piston engines Rotax 912-914 with a capacity of 100-115 hp or two Lycoming engines rated at 235 hp 100-116 It is possible to install other with similar characteristics of the engine types. The aircraft has a retractable tricycle landing gear with nose wheel, providing the possibility to operate from unpaved runways. There's also a version with fixed landing gear and wing struts. This will improve the load ratio. The structure is made essentially of composite materials. The aircraft has four doors swing type, which are located on the sides of the fuselage nacelle. For the crew and passengers has two seats in the front row and a sofa in the back row. Cargo and luggage are located in the nose and tail section of fuselage gondola. By removing a rear sofa, rear cabin can be converted to transport bulky cargo. Additionally the aircraft can be equipped with air conditioning, dual control, increased capacity fuel tanks, automatic pilot, parachute rescue system, ski or float landing gear.

Design characteristics of the aircraft "Omega"

* Crew — 1
* Passengers people — 4
* Wingspan, m — 14.00
* Length, m — 8.40
* The height of the plane in the parking lot, m — 3.80
* Wing area, sq ft — 22.4
* Weight, kg
* Take Off — 1150
* Blank — 600
* Payload — 400
* Fuel — 150
* Speed, km / h
* Maximum — 260 *
* Cruise (80% power) — 230 *
* Minimum — 72
* Economic — 108
* Duration of flight hours — up to 18
* Maximum Range, km — 2100

* — With retractable landing gear

V.Ivahina believes that the upcoming MAKS-2011 in Zhukovsky four aircraft will be on display, "Sigma-Classic" in various configurations, including in the military equipment for the Russian power structure. In addition, the planned demonstration simulator Tehaviakompleks Company. At MAKS-2011 Ltd. "Virage" will be located in the pavilion area of 240 square meters. m under the flag of the Lipetsk region.

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