Russia has developed a cure for the regeneration of liver cirrhosis

June 11, 2011. Scientists Institute of Pharmacology, Siberian Branch of the Academy of Medical Sciences (Tomsk), together with the specialists of "Scientific Future Management" (Novosibirsk) have created a unique agent-based drugs for the regeneration of liver cirrhosis

"The developed material created using the technology of radiation synthesis, through which it has unique properties. This is an immobilized enzyme capable of stimulating liver regeneration. It will activate the stem cells of the liver, and due to this scar tissue is replaced with a healthy body, "- said Zhdanov.

According to him, the substance created unique mechanism of action in the world no.

"It can be called a breakthrough, because the existing drugs that belong to the hepatic, protect liver cells from destruction, but their action is not intended to replace a changed tissue (scar) healthy liver tissue," — said the MD.
Zhdanov said that currently under pre-clinical studies of substance.

"Research work is being carried out as planned research and Medical Sciences Institute at the expense of, and the production of pilot batches of the drug — at the expense of our partners — LLC" Scientific Future Management "(Novosibirsk). Also, we have applied for funding for further work within the framework of one of the federal programs. If the money will be allocated, and it is 33 million rubles in the initial stage, then in five years or six drug may reach to the end user, "- said Zhdanov.

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