Russia has developed a rare system of 3D-face recognition

At an exhibition in Moscow company "Vocord" unveiled its new design of 3D-face recognition under the name of VOCORD FaceControl

According to the developer, the system allows real-time to identify the faces of people on the move and can be tested, for example, to football fans and in the future it can be used as various intelligence agencies, and enterprises to control access for employees, and it can be will be used in all public places.

According to the company's website, VOCORD FaceControl designed for automatic non-cooperative allocation of face images from the panoramic video stream and their recognition. A distinctive system of the complex developer calls it "non-cooperative" recognition: to highlight the face image positioning special person in so-called field of view is required, the person may not even know what is in the area of surveillance.

To improve the reliability of identification of the complex can also work with different modules of face recognition, such as «Cognitec», «BARS», «Asia-Soft» and others.

The hardware-software complex VOCORD FaceControl uses high-resolution digital cameras VOCORD NetCam4, which, according to the developer, different from analog cameras and a high-resolution progressive scan (no "comb" effect when moving). These cameras are available in several versions, which differ in sensitivity and resolution (1.3 to 8 megapixels). Being connected to a computing module via a Gigabit Ethernet interface cable UTP 5e, NetCam4 camera can be located up to 100 meters from the computing module without additional repeaters.

The work under adverse lighting conditions

Make notes that are used in camcorders NetCam4 sensors with 10 bit ADC and 12-bit. In addition, the application of technology of double exposure, temporal and spatial signal acquisition can extend the dynamic range of the original video data, which is why this set works well under different lighting conditions, and including the backlight.

Also, the manufacturer notes that to date VOCORD FaceControl complex is one of the few systems of allocation of persons meeting the requirements of ISO / IEC 19794-5-2006. This biometric standard fully harmonized with the corresponding international standard ISO.

Finally, we note that among the opportunities complex VOCORD FaceControl developer identifies the following:

  • automatic face recognition based on the comparison with the base reference images;
  • automatic allocation and tracking of persons in the field of view camera;
  • automatic generation of database pictures persons from the field of view of the camera;
  • 2 modes of selection of images (video preservation in the face at all times while in the scope and save a screenshot of the best of each person);
  • Broadcast video network.

Recall that the company is developing a 3D-face recognition technology is already about 4 years, and since the end of 2011, she is a resident of "Skolkovo".

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