Russia is preparing to face after 20 years with an asteroid


Roscosmos leadership in the near future to discuss the draft to prevent the fall to Earth of a large asteroid that will approach our planet in the 2030's, according to RIA Novosti.


Today the head of the space agency, Anatoly Perminov told about future Russian space projects, where the fight against asteroids is one of the major sites. Perminov said that the earth is approaching asteroid. He is much more to be almost three times more than the Tunguska meteorite. The scientist has calculated that "somewhere in the 2030's he just crash into the Earth" — Perminov said. He explained that it was an asteroid Apophis, but did not name the name of the scientist who carried out the calculations.

Apophis — the asteroid 2004 MN4, with a diameter of 350 meters — is currently the greatest threat to the Earth's space. In 2029 it will be held on our planet about 30 thousand kilometers away — closer than the orbit of geostationary satellites. At the same time, Apophis could change its orbit so that the next approach to Earth in 2036 will face it, it will lead to the transformation of the wilderness area roughly equal to France.

Chapter Space Agency Anatoly Perminov said that in the near future will be a closed meeting of the board, Science and Technology Council, which will decide the issue. Mathematical calculations, the scientist who introduced the show that can be done in a timely spacecraft with a special purpose, which is to avoid the collision.

According to him, the asteroid will not destroy, "No nuclear explosions, all at the expense of the laws of physics. We will consider." Perminov doubt that it will be a purely Russian project, in its opinion, after studying the project, Roskosmos can come up with a suggestion that it was an international project involving European, U.S. and China. "This is about people's lives. Better zaplatitneskolko hundreds of millions of dollars and make a system that is not allowed to bring before the collision, rather than wait until it happens and hundreds of thousands of people will die," — said the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency.

In turn, the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations are interested in the movement of potentially dangerous celestial bodies and the possibility of falling back to Earth. The Ministry intends to analyze the work of scientists, threats that may arise and build a competent system of protection taking into account the possible factors emergencies. MOE is willing to pay 1.5 million rubles for trying to predict where the dangerous fall asteroid or comet.

According to the publication, the Office of Sergei Shoigu wants to have a forecast decline of dangerous celestial bodies, so has announced an open competition among astronomers, leading surveillance really dangerous, a few hundred meters in diameter, and the heavenly bodies that represent a real threat in the event of a fall to Earth. The fall of even a small meteorite could cause a massive earthquake and tsunami, as well as the failure of the nuclear power plants, chemical plants, and other dangerous objects.

Recall that on November 19 the inhabitants of the western United States could watch the night falling asteroid. The car was so bright that night turned into day, and the power that followed the explosion is estimated at one kiloton of TNT. Flight of the car could watch the people of Colorado, Utah, Wyoming and Idaho at around midnight (about 10.00 MSK medium). Although this event took place in the period of the Leonids meteor shower, a fallen celestial body does not belong to him. Analysis of subsonic rumble showed that the Earth's atmosphere has invaded a small asteroid. According to experts, the energy of the explosion of a meteorite that originated in the atmosphere is in the range of 0.5 to 1 kiloton of TNT.

About six hours after the flight car residents of Utah and Colorado observed a strange cloud formation resembling a stratospheric arising after the rocket launches. Scientists do not exclude that this phenomenon is associated with the car.

Meanwhile, American scientists have revised their forecasts for the probability of hitting the Earth in 2036 the asteroid Apophis. According to astronomer Steve Chesley of located in Pasadena's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the chances that named after the ancient Egyptian god of darkness asteroid crash into the planet are 1 in 250,000. Previously it was thought that they are 1 to 45000.

Employees of JPL discovered this cosmic body in 2004, dumbfounded earthlings just before Christmas his apocalyptic predictions. Preliminary calculations then show that the asteroid has a diameter of about 300 meters, will be held in the vicinity of the Earth in April 2029 and may even encounter with the planet.

It was later made clarification: Apophis will fly at a distance of 39.3 thousand km. However, once again, scientists have warned, it is possible that the gravitational field of the planet will change its trajectory so that when the next turn in April 2036, he may still not miss each other with the Earth. The probability of this scenario is precisely estimated ratio of 1 to 45,000.

According to scientists, if Apophis will crash into the planet, it will stand out 1.6 thousand megatons of energy — ten times more than in the explosion of a hydrogen bomb.

Anatoly Molchanov

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