Russia started the last sale

In 2012, Putin's government is going to sell off most of the state-owned shares of major companies. In the first place, "Rosneft", the shares of which, according to preliminary calculations generate more than 200 billion rubles. As well as state shares "VTB", "RusHydro", "FGC UES" and "SCF."

According to the Director of Property Relations of the Ministry of Economic Development, Alexei Uvarov, in 2012 planned sale of 10-15% of "Rosneft", 4.11% of shares of "FGC", 10% of "VTB", 25% of "SCF." The first part of the shares of these companies may be sold before the end of 2011 — According to "Prime-TASS".

For 2014 is planned privatization of 25% of shares of JSC "Russian Railways". Stake will be, according to Uvarov, sold for parts, because to own a quarter of a large and complex company not everyone can. In any case, the decision will be made by investment banks, selected by the Government for the privatization process.
According to Alexei Uvarov, in 2012, revenues from privatization will be about 300 billion rubles, in 2013 — 380, and in 2014 — 475 billion rubles. The official said that this is a very conservative estimate, and the real incomes of the budget could be much higher.

Much more bold prediction made by the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev in early August, when approved an extensive list of companies for privatization and said that the goal of the process — reducing the state's share in the possession of the largest companies in Russia. Medvedev said that if such a privatization plan will be put into action, the budget will receive about 6 trillion. 2012-2016 rubles per year, much higher than the amount called Uvarov. So if the Ministry of Economic Development has doubts whether to sell Russia finally, the government has no doubt. Under the plan, approved by the President, to be sold in 2017 75.5% of shares of "VTB", 75.16% of shares of "Rosneft", 14.79% of shares of "Inter RAO", 60% "RusHydro" 51.17% "Aeroflot "as well as 100% of shares of" SCF "airport" Sheremetyevo "," Zarubezhneft "," Rosagroleasing "and" RAB ". It is also expected to decline to 50.1% of the shares in the United Aircraft Corporation and United Shipbuilding Corporation and the reduction to 75.1% in the companies "Uralvagonzavod" and "Transneft".

On such forecasts, by 2017 the oligarchs will be sold almost all state property, and trillions derived from sales, as usual, utekut overlook the powerful.

The observation of this painting drives many people into depression. Oligarchs can certainly afford whatever they want, and it's quite a shame the ordinary citizen. But not so bad, because the hotels egypt latest offerings available to more people is not even the highest income, not just the oligarchs. Only a good rest will help to forget about bezpredele is happening in our country, and do not accumulate negative emotions, and the charge is positive.


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