Russia without the kids and welcome migrants (research)

I want to offer to your judgment a little research and observation, which I was able to spend today looking at news sites of our friends. On one of them it is already laid out in the preliminary and raw. So, what's the point.

We start with the well known juvenile justice.

Prompted me to study here this article. In particular there is written that there is a secret plan to destroy families in Russia, and in the recent past has been part of the approved plan for the removal of children from 180,000 families who will soon be declared deficient. Where will these children? Russia and the United States have recently signed a law on adoption. That is, our children will be delivered to the U.S. legally.

It was the first time. Now the second.

In the article on the first link has also been argued that there is a standard of the Economic Sustainability (EMS) according to which a person can have a child, with incomes of at least 60 thousand rubles a month. A two — with no less than 80 thousand rubles. a month.

As the data of Rosstat, we first statistics on income higher than 30 tys.r. and no. But people who have that income in 2009 was only 13%. How many people whose income is 2 times higher? Experience suggests that in their two and a half times less, but we assume that exactly 2.

Thus, we get 6.5%. Russia's population according to the last census, has a population of about 142 million people, according to unofficial — 85-89 million permanent residents. In the first case, the number of "allowed" children will be about $ 4.7 million — no, not a year, but in general. In the worst case, this figure is reduced to 2.8 million words, Russia should cease to have and work hard to achieve the planned numbers of economic sustainability. In most cities and towns of Russia money does not get one, not to mention the fact that most live on subsistence level or less. What happens — in small towns and villages of fertility should be reduced to zero!

Life expectancy for men in the country — 66 years, women — 77. With such a picture is that children born today will die by 2070, and after there will be nobody.

But someone has to live here and work for the world's elite, collect resources, support vehicles and dirty production.

Rosstat us answers to this question. Say, this chart may be pure coincidence?

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