Russian Navy rush to the aid of the regime of Bashar al-Assad?

Russian government, apparently, absolutely and finally decided to get out of the military and the infantile state in which resided the last 20 years, at least. Apart from a very harsh statements about President Medvedev probable transfer of "Iskander" in the Kaliningrad region, the authorities decided to show the way out of the tender age that gave the order to march Russian ships to the coast of Syria. After that, the Western media here there were reports that our motherland wants to prevent the Assad regime change and will do its best to try to prevent "democratization" of Syria, the Libyan way with NATO and the United States itself.

It speaks of a campaign of 3 ships, one of which is a reconnaissance ship "Liman", carrying out tasks in 1999 during the NATO aggression on Yugoslavia. No official comment from the Russian Navy command to this effect has not been reported. Well, whether it was to do, let's not forget that the Russian Federation on the territory of Syria is not only sensitive to the far abroad countries around the outpost — Tartus, which is Fri logistics of the Russian Navy. Because at least some campaign to the shores of Syria Russian Federation may be submitted as a planned march to their own zabugornoy base.

The greatest number of information notes about the Russian march to the coast of Syria appeared in Israeli newspapers. Israeli media correspondents they say: they Tipo was clear from some sources in Damascus that the Russian ships are not going to throw their anchor in the Syrian port. They can be in the open sea, with all this cutting off the supply chain guns Syrian rebels. And yet this channel exists and works very hard. Specifically on the sea in the town of Syria reside tons of arms to opposition from Turkey and Lebanon. The Israelis therefore concerned that the command of the Russian military courts may declare all just performing tasks related to anti-piracy internationalist, and therefore no external sanctions against Russia for it can not be charged. In general, the three Russian ships — such a dog that does not bark, and the house does not let me.

If so, then we can talk about the very obmyslennoy operations from Moscow. We agree that in recent years it was very rare to encounter intelligible demonstration of its strength zabugornom "partners" if you do not talk about the much-talked "peace enforcement" Saakashvili said.

Recall that around Syria intense storm clouds began to gather even during the Libyan operation. And after the NATO campaign in Libya has recognized more than successful, views "democratizers" abruptly shifted to Syria and Iran in parallel. But with Iran until more problems, because of its location on the South American intelligence agencies still do not have time to cook a tenderloin soil in the form of "indignant opposition," but the people in Syria are well and systematically funded from the budget of South America. On the thumb: The Committee on Human Rights at the UN "condemned" the use of force against supporters of Bashar al-Assad "peaceful" demonstrators, strolling through the streets of Syrian cities with rocket launchers on their shoulders. Our homeland at this time of any convictions refused, but, apparently, being mindful of their own "vozderzhatelskoy 'position in the vote on Libya, decided to show that this time it roam the Western ideology of democracy cane will not.

True, it is necessary to see that far not all behold the Syrian campaign in Russian ships capable of something much, or frighten the West. The last chief of the Head of Staff of the Navy Valentin Selivanov said that "Lyman" — is not that the military ship, which might suggest a nightmare for the Yankees and other members of NATO. But if I decided to put our homeland to the shores of Syria, "Admiral Kuznetsov", with its Su-33, Su-25UTG deck and anti-submarine helicopters Ka-27, and even as a "partner" has taken in the Mediterranean BOD "Admiral Chabanenko" the zeal in the Syrian issue with some hot heads in the West obviously be diminished.

But the question is, faster is not that exactly what our homeland sends ships to aid Bashar Assad (and help him if she sends them), but that will the Russian Navy to NATO intervention in the internal affairs of Syria definitely impossible. After all, in the already mentioned 1999 "Lyman" simply acted as the observer of how NATO planes showered with a hail of bombs Serbian town. It was more than embarrassing for Serbia, and Russia. If at this time Moscow sends ships to the Mediterranean, as the saying goes, "to be", it's more like ordinary shaking of the air toy gun on which neither the United States nor NATO, nor the same Israel does not send any attention.

Political analyst Gregory Trofimchuk expressed in that spirit that the emergence of Russian warships near the Syrian Tartous — this is not a show of force, but only the need of involving possible evacuation of Syria's numerous Russian people in connection with the impending NATO operation. Having said that, at the most reasonable estimates of the Russians in Syria is about hundreds of thousands of people. Besides businessmen, diplomats and the military is a huge number of Russian women married to Syrians in the last 10-15 years. If the words Trophimchuk confirmed, Syrian campaign — This is a true escape from the Russian Federation Syria, covered with a strategic veil.

While the NATO operation in Syria has not started due to the lack of international mandate, but stopped there forever aspects NATO ships and aircraft in their attempts to spread "democratic grain" by the new soil.

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