Russian Navy ships came to embody the power of the U.S. Navy at the Congress of Democrats

The organizers of the Congress of the U.S. Democratic Party has shown the power of the U.S. Navy, having removed a patriotic movie with warships USSR during the "Cold War" and the Russian Navy, wrote in a Wednesday south american internet news portal Navy Times.

The incident occurred the other day when the Congress Party Democrats celebrated their own end-of-veterans. During the speech, the retired admiral John Netmana (John Nathman) on the stage showed a patriotic music video in which a developing South American flag appeared warships Russian production.

The mistake immediately saw one of the veterans of the Navy Rob Barker (Rob Barker), which served as an electrical technician and knows how to identify zabugornye ships on their radar system. According to him, the congress were shown four ships with radar, which was not used by the U.S. military. The big plan was to show a large anti- ship "Kerch" said Barker.

"I was like in shock. It would be nice to get an immediate apology (organizers) and the recognition of the fact that, yes! They screwed up "- said Barker.
Others demonstrated at the Congress of the ships, apparently, there were also Russian or Russian production. This effort resulted in no other specialists. Namely, one of the ships equipped with radar MR-700 "boletus", the other — the radar MR-310 «Angara» (Head Net). One of the professionals did not rule out that the video presentation was also shown destroyer "Sharp-witted." With detailed your view on one of the ships was even seen white and blue flag of St. Andrew, the newspaper notes.

"These ships are all from the Black Sea Fleet", — explained the retired Navy officer Hey. Dee. Bakker. (AD Baker III), commenting on the photos from the presentation of the Democratic convention.

Publication have not been able to get comments responsible for any incorrect presentation, said Navy Times.

According to relevant Internet resources, large anti- ship "Kerch" which was commissioned by the Navy of the USSR in 1974, is now in the battle of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia.

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