Russian Oleg Vinogradov surgeon on trial for the book Vedic Russia


In St. Petersburg, held hearings on the unprecedented case: Prosecutor's Office to the police demands to include a book of military retiree Oleg Vinogradov "Vedic Russia" in the list of extremist materials.

In Vasiliostrovsky court reporter along with dozens of residents of an hour standing in line at the metal detector to be able to get to the scandalous court. The administration of the court chose a small room, which originally could not accommodate everyone, so many expected adjournment of the meeting in the corridor.

Trying to hide the unseemly picture from the public, local police officers aggressively prohibit videotaping not only in the gym, but also in the corridors of the court. However, the reporter managed to take all that was necessary to see our audience.

At the break at a military surgeon Oleg Vinogradov, the author of the controversial book, in an interview said that he was surprised your prosecutors. He recalled that the Investigation Committee has already tested it and did not find the book in this product is no sedition.

Book Oleg Vinogradov was published by the author in the 2008 edition of only 500 copies. It was unknown for four years until some policemen from the Center for Combating Extremism not raided the office of the public organization "Slavs". There, police found a copy of the book, read it and found it an extremist, and contact with the prosecutor's office.

Thus, the Communist Vladislav Fasahov believes that "the ban books Vinogradava power just warming up. If the court accepts the book extremist, then the following will be banned book by Vladimir Lenin, Karl Marx, and other left-wing ideologues. And then will get to all the others, "- says one of the leaders of the regional party" Working Russia ".

I agree with the Communists and the lawyer Oleg Vinogradov, Andrei Antonov. He believes that the prosecution of conviction puts Russian Themis embarrassing. "In fact, it is a ban on the historical research, as well as a ban on freedom of opinion and expression," — said the lawyer.

Do prosecutors Vasilievsky Island another position. Assistant Prosecutor Julia Gerasimova recalls that assertion of the superiority of the white race over other banned not only the penal code, and the Constitution of our country. Gerasimov stressed that the court is not above a retired surgeon, and text books. According to the prosecutor, even in case the text extremist Mr. Oleg Vinogradov were not in danger — he will not be convicted or fined. The only result — the book will be included in the list of extremist materials.

In an informal conversation prosecutor stated that respects Oleg Vinogradov as a military surgeon. However, distribution of information contained in the book Vinogradov, according to the prosecutor, may push some readers to extremist action, so the ban of the book "Vedic Rus" is a logical conclusion in the prosecution of this litigation. edition will follow the development of events.

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