Russian proverbs and sayings

oslovitsy and sayings are a priceless legacy to the Russian people. They appeared well before the advent of writing and passed down from generation to generation through oral. Proverbs and sayings are almost ancient folk genre. Thanks so much rich Russian in all of them there and the depth of content and imagery, and incredible brightness, giving them eternal life in our everyday speech.

Not just because of the people affected, which is not saying nothing rumor. She gladly quote, love it and appreciate it and the teacher and comforter, and even serves as an ornament of our speech.

Proverbs and Sayings nothing like folk wisdom gathered over many generations. They warn us, give advice and learn what's what, they praise the courage, generosity and kindness, and in the same place ridicule human qualities such as laziness and cowardice, selfishness and evil, and even proverbs encourage generosity, perseverance and diligence.

The basis of proverbs or sayings is an example of situations and sometimes help, sometimes a direct reference to the right decision. Guided by proverbs and sayings, you can be sure that doing the right thing.


Proverbs and sayings in alphabetical order

Russian proverbs and sayings in alphabetical order

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