Russian scientist found the wreckage of a UFO saved Earth from the Tunguska meteorite


Russian scientist Dr. Yuri Labvin, head of the Foundation of the Tunguska phenomenon, found quartz slabs with strange markings, which in his opinion may be fragments of the control panel, UFO, reports British newspaper The Sun.

Found near the crash site of the "Tunguska meteorite" quartz plates have on their surface patterns. Scientists believe that the earth is still no technology for the application of such drawings on crystals. In addition, silicate iron found native to be only space, said Yuri Labvin.

These findings, says Russian scientist, lead to the conclusion that an alien ship deliberately rammed to prevent the destruction of the Earth Tunguska meteorite.

Tunguska phenomenon is haunted by scientists as a clear explanation of this phenomenon, as the official version of what happened there.

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