Russian scientists have taken a picture of the human soul


But the natural man
Scientists were able to photograph the soul — the camera has recorded as a life force leave the body at the moment of biological death.

A unique study confirmed the ancient belief that the people who were killed or died suddenly, for example, in a crash, the soul for a long time could not break away from the body. It keeps coming back, especially at night.

Not surprisingly, the ghost stories go from the most ancient times. Most often describe the ghost stories of innocent victims or executed criminals.

The device is able to see the St. Petersburg scientist soul. It measures what is called an aura of the person. The camera, called GDV, invented and introduced Professor, Ph.D., deputy director of the St. Petersburg Research Institute of Physical Culture Konstantin Korotkov.

GDV scans the body, and the computer displays a picture of his aura.

— The blue color on a computer screen is released live a healthy area, and warmer shades, up to red — defunct, inactive part, — says Konstantin G..


The picture shows the GDV, the soul leaves the body, the blue color changes to the warm shades (from left to right — shortly before his death, at the time of death, and three hours after death)


By studying the properties of the camera, the scientists decided to experiment — they were shooting with GDV dying person. Received three shots — before his death, at the time of his death, and after three hours after death was recorded. The images show that the life force (ie, soul) leaves the first region of the abdomen. Not for nothing before in Russian language, the word "belly" was equivalent to the word "life." Then expires head.

The picture shows the newly deceased person can see that aura of warmth in the groin and heart. It is often the case that the doctors can not return to the life of the patient, having got his heart with the current. Reanimate the patient sometimes within five minutes after his death. Some indeed returned.

— As if someone is sick or pondering over — to die or not, — one experienced surgeon. — Sometimes we realize that it's not us enliven the patient. We are just doing their job, and the decision is made somewhere outside.

About three hours after the person's death is only the groin area, where something like that, the body was alive. Soon the images deceased remains extremely red silhouette — the soul left the body.


The discovery confirms Professor Korotkov other known earlier research: the experts noted that the body of a deceased person is 21 grams lighter. However, the work of Petersburg scientist helped discover additional details.

Pictures of GDV, much to the surprise of experts, showed that the aura of the person records in the circumstances of the death itself. In the case of a natural, peaceful death aura gradually loses activity. Then the body of the deceased a continuous and uniform illumination characteristic of the inanimate object. If a person has died suddenly or violently, his aura for a few days shows "concern" and makes it especially bright at night.

Konstantin Korotkov concluded that the human soul after death behaves as it describes the religion of ancient times. Either it settles down and flies off, leaving his physical shelter or temporarily stays in conjunction with the body, as if tied to it. She has not used up all his energy resource!

A study by researchers suggests that the human body — biological mass, which comes alive only because of the life force, which fills him during life. Once a person dies, the charge of life — the soul — disappears. Perhaps, as some religions, in order to find another shelter.


The aura of a person to a psychic (left) and after

GDV stands for "gas-discharge visualization." Recently, scientists have presented the unit in St. Petersburg at the Congress "Science. Information. Consciousness. " Any participant could see for themselves that he has a soul, she appeared on the GDV camera. However, people discovered the soul of science prefer to call more carefully — aura.

During the development of the unit tried to psychics … and came upon a terrible reaction. After all, the GDV-camera in no time exposed the charlatans.

— In the aura of this very powerful psychic activity — Korotkov said. — In a Moscow medical center all the "healers" have offered to be tested on our device. And, imagine, almost all flatly refused.


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