SAAB company completes the design based fighter Sea Gripen

SAAB company completes the design based fighter "Sea Gripen"

The Swedish company SAAB (SAAB) completes the design of carrier-based fighter "Si Gripen"(Sea Gripen). Deck option created on the basis of multi-purpose fighter "Sea Gripen" next generation (Gripen NG — Next Generation).

In the words of the weekly "Jane's Defence Weekly," the design of the aircraft, which is scheduled to finish in late August, part Swedish and English engineers. According to the developers, the program "Sea Gripen" at the current time is at such stage of development, which can be translated into a final phase in the case of its approval by the customer.

For the creation of an aircraft carrier-based variant "Gripen"And its adaptation to act from an aircraft carrier, the equipped with catapults and arresting gear required to enter into the design of reinforced chassis, brake hook, clutch mechanism with a catapult launcher, anti-corrosion in a marine environment.
All of these structural components of the aircraft were analyzed in detail, and at the present time there is nothing per se, that could hinder their successful integration into the design of a fighter. According to the developers, the design protsessse have found no "black holes" and they It affirms that plane can act deck embodiment.

Base option "Gripen" has almost all of what is required to act with a deck of aircraft carrier. First, it's not a bad maneuverability in the spectrum of low-speed corners with bolshennymi pitch and tilt, high-precision control on landing approach, strengthened airframe, enhanced corrosion protection.

Very important is a good overview and provided by the pilot during landing.

Landing gear and airframe basic version of the aircraft provide shock absorption in the vertical velocity decrease of 4.5 m / s. For carrier-based vertical speed reduction will be increased to 7 m / h, but the strength of the internal structure of the airframe will ensure compliance given by features.

"Si Gripen"Will be configured to produce a take-off with a catapult and a small rise in the use of bow ramp, and landing with arresting gear. Takeoff by launching will need in the event of the greatest take-off weight of the aircraft.
Prospective buyers of marine version of the aircraft can be Brazil and India. The company Saab has received in 2009 a request from India for providing disk imaging shipboard version of the fighter "Gripen"And at the present time is in contact with the main headquarters of the Indian Navy.
Purchase impact based fighter for the Navy of Brazil is seen as part of a protracted applets FX-2 for choosing a promising fighter aircraft for the Air Force, to which the Company is a "Dassault" (Dassault) with a fighter, "Rafale" (Rafale), "Boeing" (Boeing) with a fighter F/A-18E/F "Super Hornet" (Super Hornet) and "SAAB" with a fighter "Gripen NG "(Gripen NG).

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