Scary weekdays Japan

Today, the press got blood chilling summary of the situation at the Japanese nuclear power plant "Fukushima". It is not another report of experts, and the interview with the mother of a liquidator of an accident. Son told her that the situation at the plant is unpredictable, and the workers are unlikely to choose out of there alive.

This is the assessment indirectly confirmed Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan. Described the situation at the plant "battle", he frankly admitted that he does not know the date of its completion. He added that the people of Fukushima prefecture will continue to evacuate.

Japan has compiled information from Ivan Trushkin. Report NTV.

Nagashima Rio baby for four days. Her day begins with feeding or not communicating with my mother, and by checking the dosimeter. It is a given for all children of the province of Fukushima. They examine and issue a certificate that there is no radiation exposure. If such a certificate is not present, the doctor may give up even to approach the child, not what to treat.

These dosimeters are lacking now directly at the plant. Work there 800 people and devices — a little more than 300. While some liquidators voluntarily refuse to wear them — to calmly deal with the case, and not think about the invisible milizivertah. Working away from the units do not go — stay overnight in a nearby building, on the floor, pulling the sheets of lead. And understands that doomed. To inform their relatives told reporters.

A local woman, "My son and his friends were ready to die. They do not know how or when it will happen. Maybe they will die within a year of cancer, and may — in a couple of weeks from radiation sickness. They received a lethal dose of radiation. What else? They also need to save his people. "

The footage — the most recent survey of the fourth reactor nuclear power plant. First the damaged unit as shown in detail. Visible to the ruined wall of the explosion, the remains of communication and most importantly — constantly rising white smoke. The fact that the level of radiation in seawater near Fukushima has fallen by half, the Japanese have found a good thing. But it turned out they were wrong in the measurements.

Yukio Edano, the general secretary of the Japanese government, "Now TEPCO finds out how high the level of radiation in groundwater. We also focused on the monitoring of pollution of sea water and areas immediately adjacent to the station. "

Nuclear scientists have proposed to extend the exclusion zone around the plant to 40 kilometers, is now 20. But the government is considered unnecessary, although it recognized that the work at the station end is in sight.

Naoto Kan, Japan's Prime Minister: "We need to understand that the battle will be long, but we will try hard to win. Yes, the situation is uncomfortable for many of our citizens. But I promise the authorities will do everything to everyone to feel safe. "

From Atlanta has issued a giant construction pump, with which they want to fill the reactors with concrete. Pinch of positive tried to make to come to Tokyo, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Japanese, they say, it's not that bad. But the siege came to him, the experts, even if the reactor now begin concrete, melting them is unlikely to stop.

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