School scandal in Stavropol

In the Stavropol region began a new school scandal. In some areas of the province, teachers no longer allowed into school girls, who are Muslims, wearing head scarves. According to the management of these schools, it was clear that they blame the girls that they do not respect the rules of the school, in which every student has to go to school uniform. Some parents are Muslim girls, have already started to write a complaint to the school management to the prosecutor.

The Ministry of Education of the Stavropol Territory, arrived journalists BBC BBC, who wanted to find out details of the scandal. They were told before each lesson, girls who wore hijab, asked to change. The alternative offered them shawls, which could cover his head, since the school has long accepted secular dress. And in some generally accepted definitions of the school uniform, in which every student has to go.

Also, the ministry reported that they had not received any complaints from one parent is not Muslim girls.

However, the leadership of the Spiritual Administration of the Muslim population, told reporters that to them for help addressed three men, who claimed that since the beginning of this month to their daughters banned from schools. Although up to this time, they quietly went to school in hijabs, and they were never any claim.

Because the parents of Muslim girls were forbidden her to school without wearing hijab, they can just simply can keep up with the curriculum. This is not the first incident of its kind, similar situations have occurred in other parts of the Russian Federation. Parents say it is discrimination of their children.

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