Scientists will translate hands on the clock Doomsday


On Thursday evening, at 18:00, Moscow time, will be transferred to the arrow on the clock Yom Kippur, British newspaper The Daily Mail. Watch the symbolic time remaining to the global nuclear disaster (12:00). Currently they are showing five minutes to midnight.


How many minutes and in what direction will move the arrow, not reported. During this process it will be possible to monitor the internet online on the corresponding website.

Doomsday Clock was created in 1947 by American scientists and the editorial board of the journal Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. The occasion for the launch of the project was to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Initially, the clock showed seven minutes to midnight. With the advent of new technologies has been extended hours symbolism: they now indicate the time not only to the nuclear disaster, but also, in particular, to irreversible climatic disasters.

The last time the clock is changed two years ago. Then hands were transferred to seven minutes to midnight for five minutes. The reason for the shift to become a nuclear test by North Korea, the development of Iran's nuclear program, as well as climate change.

The closest to midnight (two minutes) arrows in the years 1953-1960, after the Soviet Union and the United States experienced its first thermonuclear bomb. During the Cuban Missile Crisis in October 1962, the clock did not have time to translate, as the sharpest nuclear confrontation in the history of mankind was resolved relatively quickly. The most favorable position of the clock (not 17 minutes to midnight) it was in 1991, when the Soviet Union and the United States signed a treaty to reduce nuclear weapons.

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