Secret Plan


There are secret plans behind every aspect of our lives, which, once supposed to be apart. Science appears unfinished and unpredictable. Politicians are outside the protection of the confidentiality of national security, undermining people's privacy. Corporate America has become a "corporate Earth", as any national sovereignty at the very top of it is compromised by several wealthy families.

The formation of a trick to disguise the true history of the planet. Media produced to manipulate all the current events in the world. Sports and entertainment distract people and subconsciously affect the emotions color and sound, using sacred geometry and symbolism. There is a certain elite faction control of almost every political, economic, social, and corporate power, non-governmental organizations and aristocratic.

This film, thanks to the hard work and research of professionals in every area, helping to expose these hidden agendas, returning, thus, the future of this planet back into the hands of people. Created by Ben Stewart, the movie "The Secret Plan» (Esoteric Agenda) gradually reveals the secrets of the elite. 2012, behind the scenes of politics and economics, the program of depopulation, the Illuminati and the Freemasons, the myth of global warming, new world order, control of the media and food, occult pagan foundations of world religions, of the universe and man's place in it — all of these are covered in the "Secret the plan. "

The film is very unique in that it:
1) It's hard to find anywhere else;
2) In this film there is a lot of interesting facts;
3) This is yet another movie about the "New World Order."

Quote from the movie:

"Every twenty six thousand years our solar system passes through the twelve signs of the zodiac. Ancient civilizations such as the Hopi, Egyptians, Cherokee, Apache and the Maya knew about this great cycle and developed calendars according to this. This cycle occurs on many different manifestations in nature, such as the orbit of the Sun around Altsiona, the central star of the Pleiades constellation, as well as 260-day cycle of human maturation. This cycle is broken down into five sub-cycles for 5125 years, each of which has its own age. Aztec Calendar, or Meso-American Sun Stone, depicts the destruction of each cycle one of the five elements. Cycle in which we are currently in, is the age of the Fifth Sun — from 3113 BC to 2012 of this era. More precisely, this great cycle ends December 21, 2012. "

For those who understand what is at stake, it is immediately clear that this is worth a movie.

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