Sensation! sixth race of the world?


Vitaly EFIMENKO, Doctor of Philosophy, especially for the "AN"

Following the example of the American educator and lawyer Nancy Ann Tape, in 1982 wrote the book "The awareness of life through color," flew out the word "indigo". This word she called children born to the purple, blue and light blue aura.


Published in the West, we have translated the book Lee Carroll and Jane Touberg "Indigo Children" and Doreen Virtue "Indigo Child Care" does not give a precise and clear answer, who are indigo children and what are their differences from children with other colors of auras. The above authors in their books refer to each other, without giving specific and objective criteria for the Indigo phenomenon. As a result, it seems that their existence is proven and there is no doubt. But this is a common misconception. As is known from physics school year, color, and sound as — a vibration material and has the nature of a particular wavelength. The colors purple, blue, and blue — are the shortest wavelength, while the red wavelength is greatest. Energy field (aura) of man also has a color saturation configuration.
Children with auras of colors, indigo, red, green, more are born before certain planetary or man-made disasters with rapid activation of the program and its purpose. In 18 years of practice author of the statistical material on more than eight thousand people made some summary analysis.

  • The colors of the aura

  • Yellow (5 race)

  • Green (race 6)

  • Red (race 6)

  • Indigo (race 6)

Of this percentage shows the predominance of the sixth race. Of more recent date statistics observed decline in the fifth race.


Interest in this subject has existed at all times, but thoroughly to study the issue came up in Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945. Adolf Hitler made an emphasis on the study of magic types of contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations and civilization within the Earth to the latest production technologies.
These and other research institution engaged in occult Anenerbe — Institute for the Study of Ancestral Heritage. All academic and research staff of the Institute were green. The selection was carefully chance to get there it was impossible.
Purposefully selected from among contactees Greens, to contact other worlds. And among them are the two individuals were selected alien genetics (where the body is present as a carrier for convenience call them "triplets"). Experts SS owned research methods and definitions of such people. For extraterrestrial contacts undertook a second category of people — the "troika". With special grueling training specialists CC (Green) "erases the consciousness" of personality, thus awakening and making the dominant ancient alien genetics, bringing it to a constant working conditions and the transition to a new level of brain activity.
In Anenerbe trained specialists not only for alien contact, but also for the contacts with the activities of the nine parallel civilizations of the Earth in different time dimensions. Particular attention was paid to contacts with Dagon and Ahgartoy — civilizations inside the earth. In Anenerbe even worked out a special new techniques for concentration camps with a lot of prisoners of war.
Prepared for this purpose SS experts were selected among the prisoners Greens 5% of the number of "triples" as potential trouble-makers and leaders of mass escapes. Headed crowd, losing leaders did not dream of escape. After such a "rehabilitation" camp is not even guarded. Much attention was paid to the selection of race and eliminate a new race of supermen, have a number of features of the paranormal.

The basis of modern society — Yellow, these people are of terrestrial origin, that is, they are created by using the energy of the earth, so to speak "natives." They are representatives of the fifth race. This race is gradually disappearing, and replace it comes sixth, but the foundation is built on the sixth fifth. In the aura of the people prevails yellow. Pattern (see Fig. 1) of different membranes and structures of their aura is composed of smooth lines.
Man of the fifth race has an aura (aura) in the form of eggs. Tensions energy cocoon is the same everywhere, but weakened slightly from region to his knees and heels. Field lines, leaving the crotch part of the head in the top of the seventh chakra. Around a vicious human bioenergetic framework in form resembling an egg.

Biofield energy aura Indigo features are significantly different from the aura Yellows. Energy frame of the field of diagnostics on the map (see Fig. 2) is seen as a rhombic field of two-three diamonds of blue and purple. Attention is drawn to the unusual nature of this field is clearly not inherent in the earth's human energy.
Usual seven chakras, we are used to, not here. Each of the circuits is rhombic chakra, which by its design and energy characteristics significantly different from the usual. Rhombic chakra energy potential is much higher than the fifth chakra human race. The second energy shell red diamond frame structurally covers the tops of diamonds from the inside.
As seen in the figure, the Biofield shell earthly man has a weak intensity. Both fields are protected by a strong field with a cover from unauthorized intrusion. Energy of the first rhombic loop Indigo runs on nuclear power spine. Field pumping circuit occurs in extreme conditions. Instantly included two circuits. There is a big rush of adrenalin in the blood, which provokes a powerful release of energy, which gives unlimited possibilities of man-Indigo.
The upper channel of perception at Indigo closed, and opens it in the most unlikely of places: the heel, back, etc. Children Indigo closed from the perception of cognitive information in the usual way — through books, informative sources. It is interesting to note that all the indigo biofield shell, the first and second (human and rhombic), do not close down. Protection of the thought process there. There is a fragmented process of the formation of the cerebral cortex.

The figure in the symbol of a circle with rays — a symbol of the human soul, in the Indigo are two. Two genetics: terrestrial and extraterrestrial.
A clear dominance in the management of the body and the psyche at Indigo not. They come into this world without the life and social life of the program. They separate alien civilizations lies the quiet expansion program of the earthly world, acquiring a positive experience negative way, even in good conditions. No respect for the parents of the program, the laws of the State of learning. They are lazy, violent, cunning. They have no compassion for the family. Vindictive, suffering from kleptomania. Physically they are very strong. Have a healthy body, rarely get sick. Nature has given Indigo good looks, perfect figure, health, high immunity.
Negative program in Indigo children starts with 4-7 years. This is manifested in the child's hyperactivity, which affects learning in school. The material they learn bad because of inattention and hyperactivity in the classroom. Serious disease of the cerebral cortex are not. They prefer to turn out the experience, fenced off from other people's experiences and advice.
Perfectly versed in any technique, especially in computers. Can not read the instructions to adjust any equipment. Work and do not like to use to do this, any tricks.
Our schools and universities have been taught that the thought process of excitation and inhibition occurs in the cerebral cortex, which we are thinking. Latest metaphysical studies using triple clairvoyance shown that a person other than the two hemispheres of the cerebral cortex, there are two energy fields of the mind right and left hemispheres, which are in the space near the head (see Fig. 3).
Modern Russian psychology, psychiatry and pedagogy do not accept the phenomenon of children with colored auras. The phenomenon of Indigo, Green, Yellow, Black does not fit the classical scientific concepts. In institutions of higher, secondary and primary education in Russia do not know what to do with this group of students.
Fertility Indigo is growing. But in contrast to them is an increase in the birth rate and the Greens. Seventy percent of those sitting in prison — is Indigo. Addicts — Indigo. Perverts all grades — Indigo. Who in the army shooting guards and his companions? Indigo. In prostitution, mainly Indigo. Throughout comprehension of negative experiences.
The problem indigo, green, red, black deep roots in the alien genetics. The closest to this problem came ufologists. But they term "star children" in relation to the Indigo does not always correspond to the "quality". Here is more suitable word "hybrid". The Earth's genetics with the introduction of the common man genetics of other worlds. The Bible has the answer to this riddle: "That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all which they chose" (The Bible, Genesis, Chapter 6).
Many diagnostic maps Indigo, green, red and yellow traces of intrusion. This study probes of various configurations: round, square, triangular, with the output signals from them.
A large percentage of Indigo implants have transmission information. In some research maps (see Fig. 4) found studying robotic systems that belong to the Altair, Saturn, Dagon, etc.
Affects the scale of production of a large number of children with "imported genetics", then someone needs it and the world are preparing for something. We are not alone in the universe, mixing genetics has always been. Only by thirty or forty years, and then later, at the Indigo produced vital program, formed a positive matrix of consciousness, and they are starting to realize that they need in this life.
Today, the media actively promoted the adoption of "abandoned" children. The higher plane and channel information from the spiritual world of foster children are considered "stolen." We have our own idea about this issue, we believe that the child did well, taking him into his family. But as you can see, there is the opposite. Often, examining the situation of incompatibility adoptive parents and the child, going into the situation, I am amazed thoughtlessness and carelessness with which the pair went to the adoption (adoption). In case of adoption (adoption) should always take a good teacher or a psychic healer from God. Rely on some emotions can not.
I consider it my duty to say that, as a rule, adopted children Indigo adoptive parents make life a hell. Negative action program Indigo children amplified several times in the negative direction after the adoption. What is surprising, in the families of alcoholics in a large percentage of normal children grow up. Apparently, this is because the program is not affected greatly invested in these children, in contrast to the reception. Here an important role is played by the negative karma of foster parents and the negative karma of the Indigo. Often, they are not compatible.
By the choice of the child should be approached very cautiously and responsibly. It is not always advisable to deprive parental rights of this category of children. The bodies of social care should be provided targeted assistance to such children in special dispensaries with unobtrusive correction techniques impact on their behavioral motivations and parallel operation with the parents.

Children c green aura (see Fig. 5) the social importance for society. By their nature they are — and peacekeepers came to this world to help him. They have a well-developed sense of compassion and help others. They are trusting and open and honest. Absolute authority did not recognize. Any information coming from the authority, check and then take as a guide to action. They have a phenomenal memory — all childhood events they remember almost one year.
Children are born into this green world with a green aura and its varieties with a pre-dominant programs:
1. Respect for parents and family, home.
"2. Super active in the apprehension of knowledge, crafts, a craving for the treatment of metals and their alloys, minerals
3. Obedience to the law, respect for the law.
4. Program comprehension of psychological and magical knowledge.
5. Interest in medicine.
6. Increased sexuality at any age.
7. Endurance, the ability to endure great physical exertion.
At Green high paranormal abilities, a high IQ, they are easy to humanities, bad — accurate. They have a different physiology. It can be expressed in the following features: in the spine one vertebra more or fingers instead of five — six, the heart can be located on the right, a new group of blood — in most cases with a negative Rh factor, the lower the heart rate, both hemispheres cerebral cortex are developed equally. Internal body temperature by 0.5-1 degrees above normal. They love art and painting nature in general, plant trees. May contact and talk with trees, animals, elements. It is easy to domesticate itself minerals.
In this society people are following professions: priests, soldiers, doctors, judges, people at risk (FSB intelligence, MES). (This refers to the positive members of these professions.)
Throughout the world, there is a large percentage of the population with alien genetics. Genius, creative gift, a talent in any one art form or more evident in people having a second alien genetics. In addition, as a catalyst genius genius must have a genetically transformed entity settling (the GTR) — this is when a person's body or soul podselyaetsya "subtle body" alien alien with a high spiritual level of creativity. Examples of such geniuses — Leonardo da Vinci, Pythagoras, Socrates, Aristotle and others.
Biofield Green field structure (see Fig. 6) is significantly different from the structure of the field Indigo biofield. If Indigo rhombic structure biofield head is not closed, then the Green Biofield rhombic structure completely covers the head to form a central channel system.
Virtually all Green said that in their dreams they get knowledge. For them, learning — an absolute must.
In genetics, the Greens "are mixed" many genes of other civilizations. And it appears some unique gift of healers, psychics and ordinary people.
Spiritual creed Green — is a constant self-improvement. They are in a very demanding school teachers and do not respect the Orthodox.

Born into this world with a red aura. Dominated by red light lower chakras (see Fig. 7). By their nature they are identical to the Indigo, but very low intellectual level. Field shell complex configuration. Below the mid-thigh to foot barrel-shaped box with a smooth transition into the field polutorapikovoe resembling field Indigo. The color of the aura of such a person red-purple with a predominance of red.
IQ of the Red is very low: 40-60 points — it's somewhere on the verge of dementia. Any didactic information not perceive, but listen very carefully, not interrupting and no questions asked. These children are very suspicious, insecure, violently react to the noise. Unscrupulous. Most overweight. In the presence of single-parent families (single parent) displayed a despotic and threatening aggression. Such a person can be safely diagnosed as ADD (attention deficit disorder), and many other diagnoses associated with mental illness.
Like all individuals with colored auras are present implants — monitoring sensors and transmit information from GTR (genetically transformed entity settling). Hemisphere of the cerebral cortex of the Red cultivator very slowly. Red prefer to not get stuck anywhere, do not want to work, have a good appetite. Only react to harsh coercion or threat of force. The criterion of morality among them is very low. In the future, the evolutionary process of participation is provided in the form of brute labor, due to non-progressive low intelligence.


So, for the future of the planet Earth is an evolutionary process explicitly trains:
1. Greens — gentlemen advisers.
2. Indigo — a warrior caste pioneers.
3. Red — unskilled labor.

There is a natural three-step selection of Indigo.
The first phase — testing negative program, with the implementation of the items outright lawlessness and anarchy in the society. There is a positive purchasing experience negative way, the accumulation of a minimum of knowledge indirectly.
The second stage — Indigo at this stage try to adapt positively in society, learn the average social stratum, taste many specialties and do not stay anywhere long. Strong desire for weapons of all kinds and protection from it.
The third stage, the second stage portion Indigo smoothly into the third stage. They are beginning to interest thin technology. In the third stage, they already have or aspire to have a higher education. All this happens within a few generations.
At Green evolutionary process takes place in two stages.
The first stage — the comprehension of its true essence and the truth about themselves. They try to incorporate any knowledge, especially about the mental strength and the ability to manage them.
The second stage — depth study of the energetic processes in the body and how to manage them, especially medicine, occultism. The body rebuilds them for higher forms of energy.


All of the children with colored auras have minor genetic differences from each other — that Rh negative blood and spinal column with one extra vertebra. There is a 12-15 distinctive features. Knowing these signs can be identified — who is your child. I deliberately do not give these features, because in many ways the aura indigo, green and red are the same. And yet have some significant differences — both positive and negative.
Limit improvement of people with colored auras not, but the process should be under public control. Society should not suffer from the negative emotions and Indigo Red. Indigo problem should be solved at the state level.

Abnormal news 45.2009

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