Several UFO attacked the Yakut island. Photo


Unidentified flying object knocked mobile communications

Several tourists have photographed a UFO over Bear Island on the Lena River in Yakutia.

The appearance of an unknown object in the vicinity of the village Zhatay coincided with sensational observations Chinese, even when the UFO filmed on video.

— My brother celebrate their wedding anniversary on the island — said L! Igor Vilegzhanin. — Next was the second company, people were fishing and sunbathing. All were photographed. There was no audible rumble or buzz was sunny calm weather. Strangely there was only one: cellular suddenly began to act up. And my friend at Siemens phone itself is turned off and then turned on spontaneously!



To study the association handed shots "Anomalous North".

— We have checked all of the photos and I confirm that they are genuine — commented for L! director of association "Anomalous North" Evgeny Marchenko. — The program "Photoshop" is not used, no treatment before pictures are not subject to examination. Our experts have calculated that the linear dimension of the object about 30 meters. Borrowed from "ALROSA" and the airport "Yakutsk" experts confirmed that the object does not look like any known aircraft.

The object was flying in the sky soundlessly

Unidentified object long circled over the heads resting

Posing in front of the camera lens, people do not notice that they have over their heads

Evgeny Marchenko confirmed the authenticity of the photos

Now experts at the disposal of new evidence about UFOs

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