Sgin, unclean! How to deal with home poltergeist?


Author: Olga Korobitsina

AMF number 52 of 23 on December 9

In some cases, the only way — to move down


It would not be in the capital of psychics and magicians as if Muscovites live well. With us, something inexplicable happens all the time — and often all the troubles we blame … the aura of their own homes

Recognize evil?

"Quite often, people inexplicably do not live in a house — says Sofia Svetlova, head of the school of parapsychology" Star of Isis. " — In fact, the reasons explained. First, in an apartment you could be bad events — murder, suicide, and so on. Secondly, the house may be in the geopathic zone (geological rift, for example, or the place where once was a cemetery or prison). Third, the housing may take a fancy to invisible beings. "

Psychics claim that negative energy accumulated in the apartment — aggression, hatred, fear, guilt — not out of it, along with residents and working on her new inhabitants. At best, they will not feel bad at worst — terrible events will be repeated.

It turns out, all the secondary housing market — a "bad apartment?" After all, almost every family troubles happen, quarrels, someone dies. We called one of the largest real estate agencies in Moscow. Specialist in the secondary housing told that nothing obliges the seller to inform the buyer of the events that took place earlier in the apartment. Learn about her past only through neighbors or friends in the Interior Ministry. "But, you know, — low voice said realtor — if you treat the same type of apartment in the same price range and one of them suddenly turns per cent to 30% cheaper, it has reason to guard."

But in a new home you can wait for surprises. Geopathic zone, for obvious reasons, is even more difficult to recognize. How do I know if there was any churchyard on the site of an apartment building? Raise files? But such data, even in the historical library does not always find. Dwelling on the pathogenicity test, as well as barabashek and other vermin can only psychics, if you are, of course, believe in the miraculous power of the people …

Simply move out?

Calling a dozen black and white magicians, we found that not all of them are ready to deal with apartment problems. Most engaged in fortune-telling and cuffs-love spell. Only two agreed to come, but he never told me that it was going to do. Sofia Svetlova says he does not always manage to help the owners of "bad apartment." "Sometimes the best way — overhaul — she admits — when everything is altered, demolished the wall. In some cases, the only way — to move out. "

The representative of the Church, Father George Dokukin warns: "Magicians and psychics — are servants of Satan's forces. Let them into the house — is more expensive. If your house is going wrong, it should be consecrated. But often the reason lies in ourselves. If a person stands on the right path, all the light around it, and some have no evil. " At what cost to start with yourself, confident and Mikhail Vinogradov, head of legal and psychological assistance in emergency situations. Perhaps strange phenomena do not occur around and within you. According to Vinogradov, today in Russia about 2% of the population suffers from severe psychopathology, and 67% are in need of psychiatric care. Spectators in the root.

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