Ship RES

To one of the main types of collateral properties battle training (fighting) warships electronic systems is included in the range of engineering and electronic security. The importance of a good work of electronic systems on modern warships at least some modification is difficult to overestimate, as specifically electronics now almost all the technical characteristics of a warship. Operation and ship repair RES — processes that tightly woven friend other, and means require the preparation of professionals who can solve puzzles designated disposition, regardless of the form of such systems. That's why in some universities that prepare military professionals for Russian Navy, there are additional economical place, allowing to obtain a high quality education in the profession "Technician ship RES". We will not, but remember that not only military ships, and civilian court systems need to be modernized RES. This can include the update navigational aids and facilities to record the operating time of the unit or other aquatic vessel.

If we talk about the use of military ships, then there is need to identify a number of key objectives pursued by the introduction of electronic systems. The main task of the modern warship in relation to naval experts at RES refer to the introduction of electronic systems is closely integrated with other units of the ship. In addition, this integration should help to ensure 100% battle preparedness throughout the life cycle of a warship. In the event of RES in order to quickly make repairs that will restore alertness of both the RECs and the entire warship.

In teaching the rules of operation and maintenance of RES cadets need to explain the main concept of this topic. These concepts include the actual cycle of the system. Under the current cycle of the fleet made aware of an ordered sequence of related friend other steps use RES. Not counting the current cycle RES introduces the concept of battle readiness RES. This is the amount of time required to begin implementation of RES after power-up.

After many years of operation RES warship recyclable.

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