Ship to contract

BOD (large anti- ship) "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" was the first of the forces Northern Fleet, 100 percent staffed by contract. This is the third in February said a Western military neighborhood on the North Sea Fleet Captain I rank B. Alexander (RIA "News").

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has previously found that perfectly equipped with modern army asks the gradual reduction in the number of recruits and their substitution by contract.

It is planned that by 2017 the number of servicemencontract in the Armed Forces must get 425,000 attendees. (At the current time, the overall size of the army Russian Federation — 1,000,000 troops).

Captain I rank Vadim Serga said that the ships of the surface forces Northern Fleet crew "Vice-Admiral Kulakov" was the first fully staffed Prof. military — both ordinary and petty officers of the. So Makar, the crew, all military personnel are under contract BOD.

Options ship among contractors — is an innovation specifically for surface forces, submarine-SF contractual practices occurred in the past.

Representative Northern Fleet said that a high-quality selection of contractors for this ship contributed to the increase in the exchange of military rations produced by the 1st January 2012

On average, as pointed out by Serga, currency allowances contract, are serving on surface ships of the Northern Fleet, is sixty thousand rubles.

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said earlier that the determination of the proportion of conscripts and contract will empirically. The President said, should seek to correct the balance of acquisition and by the sun, that the proportion of contract growing every year.

As the commander in chief said, it binds not only to the demographic situation in Russia, and with the needs of the army in military prof.

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