Ships 3 fleets of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean will meet in August

Warships of the Baltic, North and Black Sea fleet of the Navy of the Russian Federation met the first of August in the Mediterranean Sea, where the group will merge into mezhflotskuyu for exercises, said on Friday, RIA Announcements official dealer of the Defense Ministry.

According to authorities, the combined grouping ships of the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea fleets will perform combat training tasks in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Black Seas. Summary Problem campaign — training activities under a single command.

"In the designated area (Mediterranean Sea) to the group enters squad fighting the Black Sea Fleet after the ships will continue to do puzzles distant campaign, interacting among themselves during drills and exercises," — said the representative of the Russian military.

He said that in the current time grouping Navy squad includes Northern Fleet in the huge amphibious ships "Alexander Otrakovsky", "Jora Victorious" and "Kondopoga" also detachment of combat ships of the Baltic Fleet in the patrol ships "Yaroslav the Wise", "bold" and rescue tugboat "SB -921 ".

They spend in the North Atlantic intense tactical exercises and joint training. "After completing the action plan battle training in the North Atlantic, grouping at the end of July will be released and the Strait of Gibraltar into the Mediterranean Sea ", — he added.

He noted that in the past day ships groups practiced maneuvering tasks with the introduction of radio equipment, also conducted tactical teaching to repel attacks of small targets at sea with the introduction of on-board naval armament.

"The detachment of warships in the Black Sea Fleet patrol ship" Sharp-witted ", huge amphibious ships," Caesar Kunikov "and" Nicholas Phylchenkov "also 2-support ships over the past day is spent teaching search and discovery of the submarine, teaching to assist emergency vehicle, as a number of classes in the struggle for survival of the ship, "- said the representative of the Ministry of Defense.

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