Ships of invisibility becomes a reality

To disable a modern warship, enough of the 1st successful missile strike. With all of this to bring down even one issued anti-ship missile — a complicated matter. And in this case, if the opponent makes a volley of several rocket launchers? There is no escape, and understand it all more or less versed in military affairs.

In over 60-80 years of last century, out of the ugly situation tried to find the ship and surrounded by a protective shield by firing sverhskorostrelnyh mechanical guns and numerous "missiles", increasing their numbers on the board. In general, this has led to the fact that on the battleship almost no room to accommodate basic armament. Besides missiles, which are now in service with, say, the "Granite" and "Mosquito" production of, pass through this fire shield without any problems.

Now, if the ship was like a ghost in the likeness of a bewildering "The Flying Dutchman" — for radar and guidance systems! The first ones to think about it, there were more U.S. military engineers during the 2nd World War. To implement the plan were invited prominent physicists since then, including Einstein. The result was all perfectly recognizable "Philadelphia Experience", the essence of which is that battle destroyer "Eldridge" tried to hide under a strong electric field. Experience, as you know, has failed, and the ship happened just fantastic task. Nothing to be amazed — the scientists known for their absent-mindedness, and hit upon the idea of such a position in the center of the field of metal ship that could do Only eccentric Einstein. Naturally turned into the core of a large magnet, "Eldridge" simply made a "leap" in space and time. Consequently shut down the idea, and it did not attempt to go back and still.

But completely harmless for the ship's crew and equipment is another Spetstechnology — Stels, on which are manufactured overseas and flying aircraft B-2 and F-117A. It involves giving the geometry of the object, which would promote greater dispersion of radar waves. Additionally — the use of special materials that absorb or scatter electrical signals.

Surprisingly, that Stels used in aviation even earlier than in shipbuilding, as it is created in the plane considerably more difficult than ship. Faceted, angular box of flies significantly worse than floats. But still better late than never!

As is clear in the Russian Armed Forces indicated acceptance by the Navy of new corvettes. And maybe it could be class ships, "Hayduk" in which design elements are used special technology Stels. The thought of such a plan belongs to the main constructor of the Nikolaev shipbuilding center Sergei Vladimirovich Krivko that remain necessary in Ukraine and can fully serve the development of in the fleets of ships invisible.

Despite the fact that Russian shipbuilders have plans for the construction of ships stealth of a real implementation of similar design developments read more very soon. Only ship which may be related to the category of invisible, is a heavy nuclear cruiser "Peter the Great". Ship superstructure of the vessel made in the form of a pyramid, and in no case all of the 1st right angle. All buildings have an angle of inclination to the surface of the water more than 100 grams. Just when building the ship was used a special paint that as a sponge absorbs rays detectors opponent. All these characteristics make the totality huge ship virtually invisible to enemy radar. But unfortunately this is still only one example of proper use of systems of invisibility. At the same time in the world are actively implementing programs to build ships that would remain invisible when in the area of radar surveillance of the enemy.

The revolution in military shipbuilding boom raised real — 10s countries announced their intention recently to update their technical marine arsenals. According to forecasts, by 2015 the world will acquire military navy warships 1443 cumulative price to be $ 271.5 billion. In this case, the Ukraine, whose proven over the years the shipbuilding capacity is not destroyed completely permanent reforms, not stumble, you will be able to tear away from the pie expensive jackpot.

In a film, produced by the game Street Fighter, the main characters are trying to arrive at the lair nasty Likhodeev on the black boat, equipped with special technology Stels. Apparently, someone in Sweden is inspired. So it's either you can not find the answer in the pages of the publication The Inquirer that said the ship invisible already exists.

Reason why that would not believe this information is not present. The company Kockums, the German division of the group of companies HDW, she publicly declared the world about the launching of its own "Ship Number Two" — a new stealth warship type of Visby. With all this announced this rather long time, even in the middle of June 2003

It is ridiculous that the shape of the ship deck demonstrated invisible, like, what appears on the posting on the website and Kockums in The Inquirer and the picture is very reminiscent shape of the aircraft F-117A, and — that the stealth ship, which valiantly chased hero Van Damme and his friend in misfortune.

The hull shape, in fact — the main point. The essence of the special technology — in the absence of all the nodes in the construction of the body angles that ultimately ensuring the aircraft (or ship), partial invisibility, but not from all the radars.

The main factor is the material that is used for the production of the air or sea vessel. As they say, referring to the Swedish side, attorneys, journalists, The Inquirer, body stealth warship built in Sweden made one hundred percent of the carbon fiber.

Plus, the motors are present hydrojet, and special technology suppression radar and infrared (heat) radiation. When the prosperous course of events, the first stealth ships will be taken by the army of the United States by 2005

And here is a pretty interesting disposition. Prior to launching the Swedish stealth corvette Visby-2 overseas edition of the Washington Times published an article that the Pentagon has already signed contracts with 3 well-known companies — but directly to General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon Corp., — To create a completely new combat stealth ships.

In the USA there is a severe competitiveness for the lead in the construction of stealth warships for the Navy. The fact that, in general, that the Swedes have already built a similar boat and not calmed down, and laid a series of successive 14 corvettes «Visby». True to its general outlines of the ship as we know it is guessed, this extraordinary perched corners of the triangular gun turret on the nose (gun as needed retract) is striking. It is interesting that their housing made of carbon fibers that absorb the electric light — and less than 11 miles corvette remains hidden to radar, and in this case it will include a system of energetic interference, the distance will be reduced to 5-6 miles!

Keep up with the Swedes and the French. Last week it was reported that the French military-industrial complex will offer in response to a tender announced first summer of this year the Navy of Brazil, the cumulative package compose
d of frigates, patrol ships and multi-purpose tanker. Entering the competition with shipbuilding companies from the UK and Italy, the French shipbuilders wish to tender their new developments in the field of naval construction, including surface ships, made with extensive use of special technologies Stels.

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