Sino-Pakistani light attack / combat training aircraft «Jiaolian-8» (JL-8 / K-8 Karakorum)

The Chinese company «NAMC» and Pakistani company «PAC» first of the 1990s are beginning to develop two-seat combat and training aircraft «JL-8" — a light attack and trainer aircraft. Modification for export receives the title «Karakorum-8."

The main thing that was required of the new aircraft — is its ease of use and mass production. Beginning of the creation of the airplane — 1986 year. The aircraft is heading in honor of the then President of Pakistan. Home design work — in 1987. Over the project employs 20 100 Pakistani and Chinese engineers. On the plane going to use a lot of equipment and components manufactured in the USA. But because of the political situation were used machinery and installations foreign manufacturers. First mock-up was ready in 1989. The first time took to the skies 21.11.1990 year. Start the creation of start-serial — 1994. Pakistani Air Force attack aircraft take / UBS JL-8 in 1994, the Chinese Air Force plane taking into operation in 1998. The percentage of supply planes from the factories of the company «NAMC» was the follow-up: 25 per cent — Pakistan, 75 percent — China. Production aircraft produced for the needs of the Chinese Air Force, received a turbojet engine "ZMDB Progress AI-25TL" supplied from Ukraine. Chinese version of the Ukrainian Motor called «WS-11." The main purpose — the substitution of obsolete Chinese aircraft «JJ-5" (TCB), the Pakistani T-33 aircraft.

Sino-Pakistani light attack / combat training aircraft «Jiaolian-8» (JL-8 / K-8 Karakorum)

Planes K-8/K-8E come to Zambia, Bolivia, Tanzania and Sri Lanka, Egypt. In the Egyptian Air Force plane will change outdated L-39. Plane K-8E created for the Egyptian Air Force, the first of them built in 2001.

Updates for 2012
Chinese manufacturer "NAMC" stormtroopers / UBS «JL-8 / K-8", now bears the title of «Hongdu Aircraft», began flight tests of aircraft modification JL-8 for export "K-8". The aircraft became eligible for use with high airfields (height above sea level more than 4 km), before airplanes were used to airfields located at an altitude of 1.5 km.

Flight tests pass with a 50/100 percent filling fuel tanks. Tests are carried out both Chinese test pilots and test pilots of customer countries. According to the available disk imaging, has been redesigned fuel system and seats with a catapult. Performance tests consist of 2 phases, Phase 1 has been completed, the second at the moment passes — will be performed about 10 flights from the airfield, located at an altitude of 4060 meters.

Sino-Pakistani light attack / combat training aircraft «Jiaolian-8» (JL-8 / K-8 Karakorum)

High-altitude airports of similar states using armed with light attack / UBS «JL-8 / K-8", owned by Bolivia and Pakistan. A great opportunity that specifically at the request of Pakistan and pass these tests.

K-8 — the base version with a turbojet engine «Garrett TFE731-2A»;
K-8E — modification for the Egyptian Air Force. The total number of different configurations of more than 30. Done in Egypt under license. Produced 80 aircraft by 2005;
K-8ES — modification K-8E. Expected production of 40 aircraft;
K-8P — modification of the K-8 for the Pakistani Air Force. The aircraft received the new avionics and English chair with a catapult;
Go to-8V — title of the test facility, which practiced the aerodynamic properties and the profile of the aircraft.
JL-8 — the title of a turbojet aircraft AI-25, adopted on arms «PLAAF» — Chinese Air Force. In 1998 he was accepted into service 6 aircraft;
L-11 — modification JL-8 with installed TRD «WS-11", which was implemented in China under license (AI-25 TLK);
JL-8W/K-8W — modification for the Venezuelan Air Force. Delivered 18 aircraft, is expected to supply an additional 40 aircraft;
JL-8VB/K-8VB — modification of the JL-8W, delivered six aircraft, is expected to supply more of the order of 12 copies.

Sino-Pakistani light attack / combat training aircraft «Jiaolian-8» (JL-8 / K-8 Karakorum)

The main properties of a light attack / SS:
— wing — 9.6 m;
— length — 11.6 m;
— height — 4.2 m;
— Weight empty / normal / max — 2.6/3.6 / 4.3 tons;
— weight of fuel (internal) — 780 pounds;
— speed at altitudes up to 1/11 miles — 800/680 km / h;
— range (round) to 2100 km;
— introduction of combat radius — 1.4 thousand kilometers;
— the greatest time of flight to 4.2 hours;
— ceiling height — 13.6 thousand kilometers;
— crew — 1 +1;
— armament: depending on the version and customer requirements;
— necessary to load the 1st tonnes on 4 hardpoints.

Sources disk imaging:

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