Sino-Russian enemy (El Pais, Spain)

Sino-Russian enemy ("El Pais", Spain)There is quite appropriate to make guesses about the future of China and the confrontation of, on the one hand, and the United States, on the other

U.S. no longer need to peel the alarm about the dangers posed by "Al-Qaeda", as in the sight of all the increases far more severe hazard. This — the Sino-Russian or Russian-Chinese alliance that delivers a unified position not only in the United Nations Security Council (namely, the issue of the adoption of more stringent sanctions against the Syrian or Iranian regimes) and in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO ).

The SCO was based in the Pacific port city of great China June 15, 2001. In addition to 2-prime mover in its creation — Beijing gaining strength and tries to regain its position in Moscow — the SCO includes Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the former Russian republics of Central Asia. The basis of this nascent cool war is not so much the alliance as a coincidence of interests. This coincidence is quite took shape in the UN, but not as much as our homeland and China have decided to conclude an alliance and solve joint actions in the Security Council, but simply because they met there and found common ground. This alliance between them can not be, because the contradictions between Beijing and Moscow have not disappeared.

Agreement on the demarcation of the border in 2008 did not dispel feelings of discontent caused by the unequal treaties signed in the XIX century. According to China, at the signing of these documents, he went on a huge concessions than our homeland. The negotiations on the supply of Russian gas to China can not move off the ground because Moscow links the price of gas to oil prices, as Beijing considers his desire to cheat. Although in 1994 the two countries agreed on a mutual non-targeting missiles at each other, and in 2005 spent the first joint military exercises, Moscow blames Beijing in unlicensed production models Russian fighter-bombers. The coincidence of interests is that neither one nor the other power is not ready to accept anything that even resembled a unipolar world with the dominant role of the United States. Russia and China specifically brings opposition to Washington, though it is also possible would be just only a temporary factor.

And yet there is quite appropriate to make guesses about the future of China and the confrontation of, on the one hand, and the United States, with other. Fatih Birol (Fatih Birol), chief economist of the internationality Energy Agency (IEA), said in July 2010 that the consumption energoelementov China caught up with the U.S.. In 1995, the China once a day consumed 3.4 million barrels of oil, or 5 times less than the U.S., while importing all this half a million barrels a day. In 2010, Celestial times a day already sucked 8.6 million barrels, slightly less than half of what the U.S. consumed, for all that China had to import 5 million barrels per day. These needs are met through of, naikrupneyshgo world producer and exporter of oil and gas well in Kazakhstan. A huge number were purchased in Iran and Venezuela than clarifies intrigued by China in the development of relations with distant countries. In 2000, China's defense budget was 20 times less than South American, and at the present time — only seven times. The difference — significant, but Beijing and there are no international obligations, as in Washington. China makes nuclear power evenly naval forces capable of operating in the oceans. Because of this he is able to achieve advantages in the South China Sea, which at one point may result in a conflict over Taiwan. One Chinese international journalist said in an interview with the French newspaper Le Monde Diplomatique, that "the two powers tried to intimidate one another (in the sea)." In an article posted in December last year, Michael Gorbachev recognized his respect for the United States and Europe, commented on the situation with Russia: "Until such time as the West would argue that he, allegedly, was victorious in the cool war possible configurations consciousness, and in ways characteristic of the cool war — such as the introduction of military force as a political and economic pressure to make some models. " Add to that the expansion of NATO to the Russian border, which Russian President Vladimir Putin assigns the role of world policeman. Your article gravedigger USSR completes a dark prophecy: "In the history of the Russian Federation have been periods of helplessness, but they always were."

It is easy to imagine the aggravation of the struggle between states for control over the sources of energy in the coming decade. Both China and the birthplace of our own secured supplies of coal. In the case of China — they provide two-thirds of its needs. The U.S., for its part, rely on the development of oil fields in Alaska and the Gulf of Mexico, but the energy gluttony large industrial countries, seems to have no limit. That's why the most painstaking way should follow the development of the SCO, which held its days are on another meeting in Beijing.

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