Slonimsky activist questioned, and he read out an article on criminal responsibility

Interrogated Boris Kuczynski in the district KGB — how it got to YouTube, with whom, what was done, etc. The KGB he was held for more than two hours.

After interrogation of the words Boris Kuczynski, he was given to sign the protocol, as well as read an article about the criminalization of participation in an unsanctioned event. Thereafter released.

Boris Kuczynski was angry at how he was detained. I recall that after, as he left the house to go to the post office, passenger car pulled up to him. From it came two men who identified themselves as employees of the KGB and, He said, forced him into a car.

He asked the driver to stop and wanted to enter, but the car had already been discontinued.

Boris Kuczynski only recently spent 15 days in Akrestsin for participation in the Plaza.

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